On Monday, Chad Eveslage earned the largest live tournament score of his career when he won the record-setting $25,000 NL Hold’em High Roller at the 2022 World Series of Poker. Eveslage topped the 251-entry field to win $1,415,610 in prize money.

“It feels good,” Eveslage said. “I don’t know, it’s just like, you know, it’s a lot of money and it’s a bracelet.”

With the win, Eveslage added his first WSOP gold bracelet to go along with the World Poker Tour title he owns. When Eveslage won his WPT event, he said after that he thinks “pretty highly” of himself. Now that he’s won a WSOP gold bracelet against a very competitive field, Eveslage spoke to how he thinks he stacks up against some of the better poker players in the world.

“Well, I feel like I was kind of faking it, playing it up, hamming it up then,” Eveslage said. “But, you know, maybe it’s a fake-it-till-you-make-it sort of deal. It’s definitely a confidence boost. Jake is really tough and I haven’t played a lot of big blind ante heads up so it’s a kind of different format and, you know, it took me a little to get used to. I was kind of watching him to see what he did and try to copy him. I’m sure you saw that I ran very, very good.”

Eveslage came into the final day second in chips with 15 players remaining. He was behind only Chris Brewer and said that he liked his chances coming in.

“I liked them,” Eveslage said. “This was such a tough field. I mean, all the players are great. They’re all good players. But, I think it was a softer-than-average field in the final two days just because there were so many like absolute beasts and not that many of them really made it through. But they’re all still like, you know, very above-average professionals. And like, Brek , he’s an amateur, but he’s really tough. So, you know, they’re all very good. I still liked my chances, though.”

Event #8: $25,000 NL Hold’em High Roller Final Table Results

Place Name Country Prize
1st Chad Eveslage United States $1,415,610
2nd Jake Schindler United States $874,915
3rd Josh Arieh United States $616,047
4th Chris Brewer United States $442,213
5th Brekstyn Schutten United States $323,730
6th Koray Aldemir Germany $241,791
7th Antonio Lievano United States $184,324
8th Ognyan Dimov Bulgaria $143,480

At the final table, Eveslage was able to pick up a big chunk of chips and eliminate two players on the same hand when his king-eight of hearts came from behind to knock out both Koray Aldemir and Brek Schutten. Aldemir had king-queen and Schutten had ace-jack. Eveslage made a straight on the river to send Aldemir home in sixth place and Schutten home in fifth place.

After Brewer went out fourth, Josh Arieh busted in third place. That set up heads-up play between Eveslage and Jake Schindler, with Eveslage holding the chip lead to begin the match. Eveslage quickly began extending his lead and never really looked back.

On the final hand, both Eveslage and Schindler made two pair on a king-nine-sex-three-ten board. Eveslage had king-three and Schindler had ten-six. The money went in on the river and Schindler saw the bad news that his two pair was beat.

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