There are always more Deep Issues to be tackled, and Drea Renee is right back at it for five more episodes in which poker’s finest answer some fun and personal questions!

Featured on these five episodes are David Peters, Nick Petrangelo, Rep Porter, Sarah Herring, and Daniel Negreanu.

David Peters talks about having a hard time staying in touch with his friends outside of poker while staying away from the gossip in poker and having a good time. A very burly Nick Petrangelo goes deep into some hands he’s played during his highly successful career, and that episode is available right now on PokerGO.

Three-time WSOP bracelet winner Rep Porter talks about his choice to become a professional poker player after his other career path proved to be far less profitable, while on the other hand realizing that poker is getting tougher as the years go on. But as we expected, Sarah Herring brought the real heat with a story about getting arrested for trying to bring brass knuckles onto an airplane.

All of that a much more on Deep Issues this week, so don’t miss these new episodes on exclusively on PokerGO. Did you miss any of our previous Deep Issues releases? Check these out:

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