For the first time in quite some time we have two guests on the Poker Central Podcast! During Femme Fatale II Week on Poker After Dark, Farah Galfond and Denise Pratt were kind enough to join us to some great conversation!

Brent and Remko also dive into big wins by Marty Mathis, Sandeep Pulusani, and Ben Palmer as well as an updated Power Ranking and two new moments in the Effing Five.

  • 04:02 – Femme Fatale week recap: Kym Lim surges, Kitty Kuo vs. Denise Pratt confrontation?
  • 10:13 – Guest: Denise Pratt talks about the video that made her famous, her talkative ways and how she’ll never back down from anyone!
  • 34:52 – Guest: Farah Galfond talks about her rise through the ranks, motherhood as a poker pro and learning from her husband Phil.
  • 54:48 – Previewing the Global Poker Awards on PokerGO, hosted by Ali Nejad & Drea Renee on April 5th at 8:00 pm ET.
  • 59:09 – Breakout win! Marty Mathis wins $873k in Rio De Janeiro, Matas Cimbolas continues impressive year with third place after getting second at L.A. Poker Classic.
  • 1:02:00 – WPT Venetian – Ben Palmer gets the biggest win of his career for $431,000 after beating Tony Gargano heads up.
  • 1:04:34 – Bay 101 Shooting Star – While no longer a WPT this event had a stacked final table with Sandeep Pulusani getting the win for $354k, Ryan Tosoc, Dan Shak, Loni Harwood, and John Andress fall just short of the win.
  • 1:07:39 – Power Rankings: The women dominate during Femme Fatale II Week, Farah Galfond becomes the first woman at the top while nine new names enter the Top 10 this week including the degen of the hour, Ben Lamb.
  • 1:16:07 – The Effing Five gets two new moments added!
    1. The All-Time Money List Shuffle
    2. Ben Lamb, Jonathan Depa, John Cynn gambling marathon in Uruguay!
    3. Daniel Negreanu gives terminally ill poker fan an unforgettable experience
    4. Marty Mathis – breakout win after a decade in the game for $873k in Rio de Janeiro
    5. GoFundMe campaign organized by Josh Arieh for Gavin Smith’s sons

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