Coolers never fail to make for fantastic poker television and Poker After Dark has been full of them over the years. Combining a one-outer with a cooler, though? The mix is “Must See TV” and that is what went down between David Grey and Gabe Kaplan on Poker After Dark’s second episode.

Available in THE VAULT is a hand where the odds mean nothing as Grey and Kaplan experience a rollercoaster of emotions known as the flop, turn, and river.

If David Grey’s face looks familiar to poker viewers, it’s probably from his first ever televised appearance in 2003, when he made the World Series of Poker Main Event final table. Grey’s career has been spent as a high stakes cash game pro but he made new fans during his multiple Poker After Dark showings. Given his lucky streak, it is easy to why. 

Kaplan, of course, is a well known voice in poker but cedes commentary in this hand to Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow. Unable to resist giving his two (four and six) cents, Matusow’s commentary during the hand is worth the $20,000 price of admission to play in this episode.

Anything is possible when a game of “See Five” takes place and this hand features a great version of it. The hand left the table cheering and Matusow braying at Kaplan. Love him or hate him, Matusow always makes poker that much more interesting.. 

Open up THE VAULT on PokerGO and experience a hand that has any many swings as donkeys on Matusow’s poker farm.