When there’s a poker live stream taking place, at least one player is away from the felt to be in the booth calling the action. To open Season 6 of Poker After Dark, six of the best “Commentators” in the game congregate for a $20,000 winner-take-all Sit-N-Go.

The latest addition to THE VAULT on PokerGO is a game where the words match the play in all facets. This episode marks the third time Poker After Dark has utilized a commentator match. All who are in the booth have some skill to go with their pipes and it’s on display in this game.

The current voice of Poker After Dark, Ali Nejad, is among the players in the match. This marks Nejad’s third appearance on the other side of the felt and he is always shows well when called on to do so.

One player who jumps out among the lineup is Kara Scott. Before she made the leap into being a prominent part of the World Series of Poker broadcast, Scott was earning her stripes as host of the European Poker Tour. Here, Scott is playing for the first time on Poker After Dark but not for the first time on television.

Scott first appeared in front of the American audience in 2008, when she made a deep run in the World Series of Poker Main Event. The next year, Scott cashed again and then moved to a more formal position in front of the camera starting in 2011. She is as well-rounded combination of a media personality and player as it gets in the industry.

Howard Lederer, Gabe Kaplan, and Mark Gregorich all previously appeared on commentator episodes and are back for another go-around.

The other player making their debut is Joe Sebok. A professional player who was better known before Black Friday, Sebok is the co-founder of the content hub PokerRoad, which featured the popular web series “Life of Ivey.” In a time before poker vlogs became a new sensation, PokerRoad was ahead of its time. Sebok is no longer on the tournament scene but his contributions to the game remain.

Listen to all of your favorite commentators chat it up on THE VAULT with new episodes soon to arrive in the coming weeks. As always, stay tuned to PokerCentral.com for all of the latest news involving the poker world.

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