The PokerGO on-demand library is full of hundreds of hours of content and tons of viewing options but, if you were on your last breath and wanted to spend your last few minutes on Earth watching PokerGO, I’d suggest Poker After Dark, Season 3: Episode 13. Aptly named, Hecklers, the episode pits six all-star talkers against one another and the sparks quickly fly.

Because DVD commentary is awesome, here is another Poker After Dark Commentary Session.

“Good luck girls.”Shawn Sheikhan

The oldest heckle in the book, calling your male opponents girls. Since we already know Sheikhan is capable of much, much better, we are just going to chalk this one up to him needing some time at the top of each episode to properly warm up his heckling muscles.

“If a king comes he’s gonna go broke!” Shawn Sheikhan
“He can dodge bullets and you think you’re gonna get him with a king?”Gavin Smith

The first hand off the deck pits Shawn Sheikhan and Phil Hellmuth against one another. After a $2,200 pot goes check-check on the turn and river, Sheikhan tries to tell the table that he would have busted Hellmuth had a king come. At the start of the episode, Hellmuth was introduced as “the man that can dodge bullets” and Gavin Smith quickly explains that if the tight to the vest Hellmuth can avoid aces, he isn’t going broke with just one pair.

“He’s all yours Sam, I’ve had enough of him from yesterday. He’s all yours.”Mike Matusow

Mike Matusow is tired of heckling Phil Hellmuth and steps aside. Sam Grizzle now waits for the perfect opportunity to strike. 

“You’re not drunk yet, you’re not right. You got to drink to get right.” Shawn Sheikhan
“We don’t need him drinking.”Mike Matusow
“I am drinking?”Gavin Smith

Sheikhan thinks he is calling out Gavin Smith for not drinking from the start of the episode but he is incorrect. Smith has a cocktail at the ready and while Matusow doesn’t think that Smith needs to drink, he does then mention how Smith plays “pretty good poker” while drunk. The table then talks about others who seem to improve their game while drinking, which leads to…

“Jerry Buss plays really good pool when he’s drunk.”Jean-Robert Bellande

On the surface, a very inconspicuous comment. JRB talks about how the former Los Angeles Laker owner allegedly beat someone out of a condominium and Rolls-Royce in a drunken game of pool and while we can’t confirm or deny that story, we can confirm that this simple, jovial comment sets the stage for the heckles of all heckles.

“Jerry Buss is a fantastic Hold ‘Em player.”Phil Hellmuth

Another very inconspicuous comment, one Hellmuth likely would have kept to himself if he knew Sam Grizzle was waiting to strike…

“Yeah, but Phil, it takes a player to recognize a player.”Sam Grizzle

The entire table, save for Hellmuth, bursts into laughter.

“He thinks Jerry Buss is a good player.”Sam Grizzle

The entire table, save for Hellmuth, continues to laugh.

“You must be wanting some good seats at the game, you idiot.”Sam Grizzle

The entire table, save for Hellmuth, is still laughing.

“Oh, please, you got something brown on your nose there.”Sam Grizzle

While Hellmuth is attempting to play it off, Sam Grizzle goes in for the kill. The table finally stops laughing.  

The laughter and heckling continues throughout the next few episodes of the “Hecklers” series, on-demand now on PokerGO.com, and we’ll be back with more Poker After Dark Commentary Sessions before brand-new episodes return next month.