With eight events in the can, half of those eight produced winners on a spectacular day of poker inside Bally’s and Paris in Las Vegas. A new PLO High Roller champion, the winner of no limit and mixed game events and one of the best interviews ever to take place after a live streamed table. It was all there on the 16th day of action from this year’s World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

Robert Cowen Wins PLO High Roller for $1.3 million

The final five players played down to a winner inside the Thunderdome at Bally’s as Robert Cowen won $1.3 million and his second WSOP bracelet after beating Dash Dudley to the title heads-up.

After an entertaining early period, it was Jared Bleznick who busted first, cashing for $342,626 in fifth place, giving one of the best post-elimination interviews ever to make it to air as Jeff Platt spoke to the popular player about his ‘passion’ for the game and what it meant to him. We won’t spoil the surprise of what he said, as you can watch the whole final table play out here:

When play resumed, overnight chip leader Veselin Karakitukov was the next player to leave, busting in fourth place for $458,016. After he left, the player who began the day in second place followed him out of the door. Earning $622,861, Lamb missed the heads-up battle, leaving Cowen to crown his victory with his second gold bracelet, celebrating with a raucous rail including British poker players Niall Farrell, Chris Moorman and Ludovic Geilich.

WSOP 2022 Event #28 $50,000 PLO High Roller Final Table Results:
Place Player Country Prize
1st Robert Cowen United Kingdom $1,393,816
2nd Dash Dudley U.S.A. $861,442
3rd Ben Lamb U.S.A. $622,861
4th Veselin Karakitukov Bulgaria $458,016
5th Jared Bleznick U.S.A. $342,626
6th Jason Mercier U.S.A. $260,819
7th Aaron Katz U.S.A. $202,103
8th Scott Seiver U.S.A. $159,464

Cohen Comes Back to Beat Dilschneider

Jonathan Cohen came back from a slight heads-up deficit to become the latest debut bracelet winner in Event #26, also known as the $10,000 Limit Hold’em Championship. Winning the top prize of  $245,678, Cohen battled Kyle Dilschneider after an incredible seven-hour showdown for the title concluded with the brilliant Cohen, who came second in WSOP bracelet eight years finally achieve redemption and ultimately, victory.

With players such as final table chip leader Chad Eveslage (6th for $44,194), and high stakes poker player Matthew Gonzales (4th for $107,978) also cashing, it was another popular event on the schedule with a first-time winner celebrating wildly on the rail after finally triumphing.

WSOP 2022 Event #26 $10,000 Limit Hold’em Championship
Place Player Country Prize
1st Jonathan Cohen U.S.A. $245,678
2nd Kyle Dilschneider U.S.A. $151,842
3rd Matthew Schreiber U.S.A. $107,978
4th Matthew Gonzales U.S.A. $78,435
5th Joey Couden U.S.A. $58,226
6th Chad Eveslage U.S.A. $44,194
7th Matt Woodward U.S.A. $34,314
8th Amir Shayesteh U.S.A. $27,269
9th David Litt U.S.A. $22,192

Michael Simhai Wins Shootout Finale as Dowdy Drops in Second

The final table of the 10-handed Shootout Event #27 saw former bracelet winner Kevin Song crash out early in ninth place as eight hopefuls then battled for a first-time bracelet win. It was Michael Simhai who won the day as he raced to the title at an entertaining table, prevailing over players such as Ravi Raghavan (4th for $84,047) and Anant Patel (3rd for $111,226), both of whom came close to glory.

Simhai’s win saw him take home the $240,480 top prize and the California resident’s first-ever WSOP win, and his third single-table win in three days, crowning an awesome event with 1,000 entries each paying $1,500 to play.

 WSOP 2022 Event #27 $1,500 NLHE Shootout Final Table Results:
Place Player Country Prize
1st Michael Simhai U.S.A. $240,480
2nd David Dowdy U.S.A. $148,618
3rd Anant Patel U.S.A. $111,226
4th Ravi Raghavan U.S.A. $84,047
5th Timothy McDermott U.S.A. $64,129
6th Roongsak Griffith U.S.A. $49,414
7th Austin Peck U.S.A. $38,455
8th David Yonnotti U.S.A. $30,227
9th Kevin Song U.S.A. $24,001
10th Derek Sudell U.S.A. $19,253

Coleman Turns Newton Upside Down to Win Lowball Bracelet

Maxx Coleman triumphed in Event #29, taking down the latest WSOP bracelet of four to be won on the day, as he came out on top of a top-quality final table. Heading into the final day, Yuri Dzivielevski was holding the lead, but he was overtaken by Maxx Coleman as the latter won his first bracelet against stars such as German soccer player Max Kruse.

Kruse was the first player to bust, losing out in seventh for $14,078 before the exits of Dzivielevski (4th for $37,379) and WSOP casher extraordinaire Roland Israelashvili (3rd for $53,828).

WSOP 2022 Event #29 $1,500 NLHE 2-7 Lowball Draw Final Table Results:
Place Player Country Prize
1st Maxx Coleman U.S.A. $127,809
2nd Thomas Newton U.S.A. $78,997
3rd Roland Israelashvili U.S.A. $53,828
4th Yuri Dzivielevski Brazil $37,379
5th Kenneth Po U.S.A. $26,464
6th Tomas Szwarcberg Mexico $19,108
7th Max Kruse Germany $14,078

Daniel Weinman Leads Final 10 of PLO 8-Max Event

The final 10 players were reached in Event #30 as Daniel Weinman bagged up 6,420,000 chips in the $1,000-entry PLO eight-handed tournament. On a penultimate day when players like included James Dempsey (29th), Dylan Weisman (24th), Cole Ferraro (21st), and Ryan Laplante (11th) all came close to bagging up a final day stack, players such as Chino Rheem (4,855,000) and Stephen Song (2,665,000) also made the final 10 players.

With a $255,359 top prize, the player who busts out in 10th place will only cash for $18,396, so there is a lot of play left in this event. Chino Rheem, who has added big titles to his resume all year so far, will be the favorite when play kicks off, but Weinman will start with the chip lead as players battle for that quarter-million top prize.

WSOP 2022 Event #30 $1,000 PLO Omaha 8-Max Final Table Chipcounts:
Position Player Country Chips
1st Daniel Weinman U.S.A. 6,420,000
2nd Eduardo Bernal Sanchez Colombia 4,940,000
3rd Chino Rheem U.S.A. 4,855,000
4th Germandio Andoni U.S.A. 4,555,000
5th Jamey Hendrickson U.S.A. 4,495,000
6th Ruslan Dykshteyn U.S.A. 3,200,000
7th Ferenc Deak Hungary 2,850,000
8th Stephen Song U.S.A. 2,665,000
9th Oliver Weis Germany 1,610,000
10th Lautaro Guerra Spain 1,300,000

Brian Hastings Leads Final Day of Limit Lowball Event

Brian Hastings will shoot for his sixth WSOP bracelet on the final day of Event #31, the $10,000-entry Limit 2-7 Lowball event as chip leader, but he has some amazing, experienced players behind him in the chipcounts. Of the 10, there is no doubt who is going to be the focal point of the start-of-day action, as 16-time bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth returns to battle for bracelet #17 with 380,000 chips.

Elsewhere in the top 10 chipcounts, Marco Johnson (1,105,000), Andrew Kelsall (540,000), Daniel Zack (535,000), Shaun Deeb (435,000) and Yuval Bronshtein (280,000) will all fight to add another bracelet to their collections, with a total of 33 WSOP bracelets shared among the 10 combatants when play resumes.

WSOP 2022 Event #31 $10,000 Limit 2-7 Lowball Final Day Chipcounts:
Position Player Country Chips
1st Brian Hastings U.S.A. 1,365,000
2nd Eric Wasserson U.S.A. 1,350,000
3rd Marco Johnson U.S.A. 1,105,000
4th Jordan Siegel U.S.A. 725,000
5th Andrew Kelsall U.S.A. 540,000
6th Daniel Zack U.S.A. 535,000
7th Shaun Deeb U.S.A. 435,000
8th Phil Hellmuth U.S.A. 380,000
9th Yuval Bronshtein Israel 280,000
10th Ali Eslami U.S.A. 170,000

Japanese Player Tamon Nakamura Leads H.O.R.S.E. Event

Tamon Nakamura (311,000) leads the 264 players who survived Day 1 of Event #32, namely the $1,500-entry H.O.R.S.E. event. With an amazing 773 players taking to the felt, the event, which saw less than 600 play the corresponding tournament in 2021, also saw strong performances from German footballer Max Kruse (224,000), Dzmitry Urbanovich (189,000), Phil Ivey (105,000), Michael Mizrachi (76,000), Mike Matusow (45,000) and the defending event winner Anthony Zinno (122,000) all make the cut.

Players to fall on Day 1 included 2022 WSOP bracelet winner Alex Livingston, 1998 champ Scotty Nguyen, Maria Ho and Todd Brunson, with Day 2 tomorrow due to put players into the money.

WSOP 2022 Event #32 $1,500 H.O.R.S.E. Top 10 Chipcounts:
Position Player Country Chips
1st Tamon Nakamura Japan 311,000
2nd Max Kruse Germany 224,000
3rd Nathaniel Parenti U.S.A. 206,500
4th John Fahmy U.S.A. 203,350
5th Natascha Stamm Germany 202,000
6th Robert Kearse Japan 196,500
7th Dzmitry Urbanovich Poland 189,000
8th Eric Rodawig Japan 180,500
9th Shirley Rosario Japan 172,000
10th Daniel Plonsker Japan 171,000

The final event of the eight to close was Event #33, the $1,500-entry 6-Max NLHE event. Nino Ullman bagged the big stack of 2,565,000 chips, but they are followed closely by Rayan Chamas (2,500,000) and Vanessa Kade (2,290,000) in second and third.

With players like Dylan Linde (1,910,000) and Taylor Paur (1,660,000) both making the top 10, just 203 players progressed from the 1,350 entries on the day.

WSOP 2022 Event #33 $1,500 6-Max NLHE Top 10 Chipcounts:
Position Player Country Chips
1st Nino Ullmann Germany 2,565,000
2nd Rayan Chamas Canada 2,500,000
3rd Vanessa Kade Canada 2,290,000
4th Matthew Wantman U.S.A. 2,170,000
5th Abbas Heidari U.S.A. 2,145,000
6th Viliyan Petleshkov Bulgaria 2,085,000
7th Dylan Linde U.S.A. 1,910,000
8th Taylor Paur U.S.A. 1,660,000
9th Joseph Antar Australia 1,650,000
10th Alexandre Moreau France 1,540,000

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