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Throughout the summer, PokerGO has brought fans across the globe exclusive access to World Series of Poker final table streams and Poker Central has been following all the WSOP action. Each day, “World Series of Photos” has told the daily stories from the Rio, so you don’t miss any of the sights of the WSOP. Now, as the WSOP Main Event final table hits PokerGO and ESPN, there are only a few sights left before the summer comes to an end… 

Event #73 – $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event

The only Niner that survived the first night of the WSOP Main Event final table was Antione Saout, after Ben Lamb bowed out in 9th place, and while the Frenchman was short stacked, he battled valiantly and looked like he was poised to make Day 3. Unfortunately for the 2009 bronze medalist, another podium finish was not in the cards. Saout called Scott Blumstein’s river shove with trips, after the chip leader had turned a straight, to send Saout out in 5th place.

My personal list of favorite poker players reads like a dream “Poker After Dark” lineup and never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I’d be including a British amateur on that list. Then John Hesp was introduced to the poker world and that all changed. The man who played the Main Event to check it off his bucket list then turned in a performance for the ages and turned everyone, even his final table opponents, into John Hesp fans. In the end, his dream run ended in 4th place and John Hesp’s biggest fan, his wife, was there to see the colorful amateur take the poker world by storm.

Six down, three to go. What started as a 7,221-player marathon is now down to the final three players, who will return to battle for poker’s biggest prize. $8,150,000 is starring Scott Blumstein, Benjamin Pollack and Daniel Ott in the face, along with the WSOP Main Event bracelet. Who will blink first remains to be seen but ESPN and PokerGO will bring you all the action, starting at 6 PM PT.

Can you believe we’ve gone the entire summer without any Will OC predictions? That ends today and since we haven’t been properly working our prediction muscles over the last few weeks, we’ll make this one easy. Scott Blumstein, pictured top, who returns with over 60% of the chips three-handed, will win the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Follow all the WSOP Main Event action on PokerGO and ESPN, and watch exclusive WSOP event replays on PokerGO.

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