Season 3 of Poker After Dark continues to roll out with the next block of episodes “World Champions III” exclusively on demand on PokerGO. The six-handed table featured former World Series of Poker Main Event Champions Berry Johnston, Johnny Chan, Phil Hellmuth, Huck Seed, Chris Ferguson and Jamie Gold.

It’s the third appearance for Gold and Chan in the series of Word Champion episodes of PAD, Ferguson and Seed turn in their second appearances for the theme, Hellmuth was practically getting mail delivered to the set at this point of filming and it was Johnston’s first and only appearance on the show.

Hellmuth felt obligated to introduce the table for broadcast but didn’t give nicknames to Johnston and Gold as he went around the table. Hellmuth drove the table talk at the start of the episode and was narrating his latest strategy as he got involved in hand with Seed.

“What are they thinking? When I haves and they’re beat, I don’t event show ‘em,” Hellmuth said. “They all think I had like two sevens. I just throw them in face down, I don’t want to show them.”

Hellmuth then asked the dealer how much, when he was in the small blind and Seed said, “It’s $400 to win $20,000.”

Hellmuth limped and said, “See, you should know I have a huge hand.”

“Ace queen, you say?” Seed snapped back – correctly calling his hand. Through the hand Seed called it correctly three more times and Hellmuth buried his face in his hands. Seed paid off a river bet and said he should have folded.

Seed called Hellmuth’s hand exactly and lost the minimum. 
Seed continued to needle Hellmuth into next hand when he flopped trip deuces holding 4s 2s. Chan held Ad 7d with two diamonds on the flop, they got their stacks in on the flop and Chan doubled up. 

“I can go back to sleep,” Seed said with little excitability. But then he doubled up twice and stayed in the game. 

Hellmuth and Seed were the most talkative players from the outset, with Hellmuth being his usual humble self. “Well Barry, if you played like this every day you’d have another 13 World Championships,” Hellmuth said to Johnston. “I’d be lucking up at you.”

Chan was repping the forgettable site chanpoker.net and plugged his All In energy drink after being prompted by Hellmuth. The episode ends with all six players still at the table but with Seed severely short stacked.

All of these episode groupings just released on demand exclusively on PokerGO, or watch all of Seasons 1 and 2 of Poker After Dark