The summer is quickly approaching and over the next week Poker Central’s finest minds are putting their heads together to predict and preview the poker world’s busiest stretch of action. Talking everything Super High Roller Bowl are editorial members Remko Rinkema, Paul Oresteen, Will O’Connor, along with contributions from Sam Simmons, Brent Hanks and Carly O’Loughlin.

Who will end the Super High Roller Bowl on top of the all-time money list?

Paul: This is point where Erik Seidel passes Negreanu on the all-time money list. Seidel’s been crushing over the past year playing many more events than Negreanu.

Sam: Erik Seidel

Carly: I picked Erik Seidel to win it all, so he’ll be on top of the all-time money list.

Brent: I’m leaning Daniel Negreanu here. As much as it pains me to not include my favorite flannel-wearing professional. But, I also have Dan Colman making the final table, bowing out early, but Negreanu ends on top based on mathematics.

Will: Coming in with the lead is a big advantage for Daniel Negreanu but his advantage over Erik Seidel has lessened over the last few months. Another final table run would likely vault Seidel past Negreanu but neither of them will cash. Daniel Colman, does pick up a score, to move over $30 million in earnings but the top-three remains the same.

Remko: Daniel Negreanu is my winner, so he’ll be the last one standing. With his win, Negreanu will open up a gap on the all-time money list that might not be surpassed for at least another five years! With a big summer ahead, I’ve got Negreanu pegged as the first player to move over the $40 million career earnings mark.

What is one storyline you’re looking for?

Kevin Hart jumped into the deep end of the poker pool. (Photo: Neil Stoddart, Rational Intellectual Holdings, Ltd)
Sam: Kevin Hart putting the poker industry on his back and making an epic final table run.

Remko: The most fascinating part of this year’s Super High Roller Bowl is the participation of Kevin Hart, who’ll look to throw off the world’s best poker players. Hart’s play will be highly unpredictable and I’m curious to see how he’ll match up on the biggest stage in poker. If there’s one thing to hope for during this event, it’s whether Hart will be able to make it into the later days of play, and if that happens we know that anything is possible.

Brent: I want to see Matt Berkey make another run at the final table of the Super High Roller Bowl. Also, I’d like to Kevin Hart run deep – am I asking too much?

Paul: I’m looking forward to how players react to Kevin Hart’s table talk and how his presence affects the pros at his table. Many players are this level are accustomed to playing in a quiet environment, at a certain pace and I don’t think Hart will meet their expectations to keep the game moving as quickly as they’d like.

Carly: Some Kevin Hart shenanigans or an underdog who has a great Lifetime movie-type life.

Will: The headline of last year’s event was, from basically the start of Day 2 on, Phil Hellmuth. He was ultra-focused, ultra-loose and aggressive and displayed tons of emotion on the feature table. Hellmuth is one of the most successful players of all-time and it will be interesting to see how he follows his 2016 final table run.

Who will win the 2017 Super High Roller Bowl?

Paul: I don’t think anyone can stop Bryn Kenney right now. He’s on a high stakes heater like we’ve never seen; it seems like he’s either winning or final tabling everything he sits down to play.
Bryn Kenney in the ARIA $25k
Bryn Kenney is the man to beat on the High Roller circuit in 2017. (Photo: Poker Central)
Will: The betting favorite and Paul’s choice, is GPI Player of the Year leader Bryn Kenney and while no one has been able to stop the New Yorker yet in 2017, the run can’t go on forever, can it!? My pick is Dan Smith – the high roller veteran would have likely been at the final table favorite in 2016 had he not lost set under set to Rainer Kempe on last year’s bubble. But even though he missed out on a Super High Roller Bowl cash, he still put together one of the best summers of his career and will pick up where he left off this weekend.

Sam: Bryn Kenney.

Brent: Tom Marchese. The Cream Cheese will rise to the top.

Remko: Make no mistake, every single one of these players has the capability of winning this event. To spice up the broadcast and provide maximum entertainment in this event, I’m going to go with Daniel Negreanu as the winner of the 2017 Super High Roller Bowl. Negreanu’s last outright win dates back to May 2015, and he’s yet to make the final table in the Super High Roller Bowl, so this will be his year.

Carly: Erik Seidel – he’s made the final table the last two years, so he has “a bit” of experience at these things.