We don’t know how, we don’t know why and we don’t really know when but over the last few months, vlogs have been all the craze in the poker world. Each Saturday, Poker Central’s “What the Vlog?” series will highlight our favorite vlog of the week. Also, don’t forget to check out our “Don’t Look Now” series, which keeps poker fans up to speed on everything poker and video from the previous week.

Just when we started to refer to Joe Ingram as a Pot Limit Omaha authority, his YouTube channel took a turn to the dark world of No Limit Hold’em. Have no fear though, that hard fork was only because Ingram, like the rest of the poker world, was hyped for the Poker After Dark return of Tom Dwan.

Ingram’s excitement began at the beginning of the week, when Poker Central announced that Tom Dwan would be headlining, the aptly named, “The Return of Tom Dwan” episodes of Poker After Dark. From the ARIA studio, Ingram released his first Tom Dwan announcement and while many have not seen Dwan play for the last few years, it turns out all anyone had to do was have Mori Eskandani make a simple phone call.

After the first two nights of action, Ingram set out on a mission to find out if Tom Dwan was a Texas Hold’em poker god. This serious matter was discussed at length and featured highlights from past episodes of televised poker that provided all the proof that, yes, Tom Dwan is a poker god.

Amazingly, according to Ingram’s research, there were only two instances of Dwan actually losing on these televised games but there were countless examples of Dwan doing the unthinkable to make people fold the best hand. My personal favorite, his nine-high bluff against Phil Ivey.

Ingram then went to the ARIA studio on Wednesday night, before the biggest pot of the week played out between Bill Klein and Matthew “Aussie Matt” Kirk, to see if he could convince Dwan to go on his award-winning Poker Life Podcast. Ingram got a positive response from the high stakes legend and if he does get Dwan to open up, you can just pencil Ingram in for another American Poker Award.  

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