Most people are looking for an excuse to come to Las Vegas for a weekend but a few weeks into 2017, I was looking for an excuse to get away for a few days. I did some scrolling on Twitter and saw information about a Run Good Poker Series in Tulsa, Oklahoma come across my timeline. A few investigatory clicks later, I had booked a cheap flight from LAS to TUL and was looking forward to a weekend away from Sin City.


On short notice, traveling can get expensive and unfortunately poker players constantly have to make quick adjustments to their schedules. Travel plans are always changing, flights and hotels need to be booked days, maybe even hours in advance. So, what is the best way to attack traveling on short notice?

Options and flexibility. The internet is a beautiful thing. It allows searches far and wide for everything you need to travel but sometimes, travelers get locked into the first option they see. Click around with dates, different times, airlines and even though they are annoying, layovers. You’d be surprised what kind of value you can find if you keep your options and flexibility open when booking. 

Ask for discount codes. Tournament stops want you to come to their venue. In fact, they need players to travel and most will try to accommodate you the best they can. While looking up options, see point above, for hotels start with the host venue of the tournament series and ask if they have a “poker code” for the weekend. Most places do and the rate should be a decent discount to pick up.

Travel mid-week. Most tournament stops host their main events on the weekend but that doesn’t mean you need to travel on the weekend. Tournament series always have preliminary events that you can play if you travel a few days early and with mid-week prices being significantly cheaper than Friday through Sunday, you could pick up value on and off the felt.

Travel light. You are traveling for a poker tournament, not a wedding, not a weekend camping trip. Some airlines charge for additional bags and even carry-on bags. Pack accordingly and save yourself some money by filling a backpack with a few pieces of clothing, as opposed to bringing your whole wardrobe.

More than poker. It’s not fun to travel somewhere, get off a plane, drive to a casino, play a tournament, bust and then turn right back around to go home. No one feels, as Teddy KGB would say, “Satisfied.” So, extend your trip a few days, meet up with friends in the area, turn the trip into a short vacation with a little poker, instead of a strictly business trip.