Scott Vener is well-known in Hollywood as a music supervisor for TV and got his big break in HBO’s “Entourage.” He’s worked on a number projects, including his Undrtone app that shares playlists and still plays poker weekly. Vener is still short stacked at time of publishing, but has made a WSOP final table before.

“I play a home game every Sunday and I’m a pretty active poker player,” he said. And this summer he’s playing as much as he can. “Last year I played 12 events – this year I’m going to play a lot more. I only expect to go home for a week so I’ll stay here pretty much the whole summer.”

Vener flows in and out of Hollywood home games, LA casinos and Las Vegas and enjoys his anonymity. “I’m not really recognized, some people that I play with know what I do for living, but I play a lot of poker so I have a lot of poker friends,” he said.

He’s enjoyed the resurgence of the popularity of the game. He pointed out Kevin Hart playing in the Super High Roller Bowl, “I think it’s amazing for the game because it lets people know you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy yourself at the poker table,” he said. “It invites more people to take an interest in it.”

“The streamers are giving poker a good name right now and even becoming poker celebrities, which is great for the game,” Vener added. “When you’re trying to market something, you want to reach as many people as possible.”

“I watch streams all the time,” he added. “Jason Koon is one of my good friends and any time I have questions about hands I talk poker with him.”

“I mostly listen to Howard Stern when I’m playing. Music is work, sometimes I’m working at the poker table,” said Vener. “For me there is something soothing listening to Howard’s voice and paying attention to what’s going on. I can jump in and out.”

If you want to know more about Scott Vener, he’s video we did about him earlier this year.