The World Series of Poker returns to Las Vegas this month and if you want to get around Sin City, you’ll need some travel tips. It’s time to head to the home of poker with as little fuss as possible.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Passport

It’s easily done. You’re on your way out of the door, excited for your big trip to Las Vegas and you leave the small pocket book that allows you to navigate airports at home. Cancellation, anyone?

  1. Update your Uber account

It’s worth making sure that you know your Uber password, and have your account details updated, such as expiry dates on bank cards. When you’ve tilt-busted at midnight, letting off steam at the cab rank isn’t fun.

  1. Pack Essentials

If you want a detailed breakdown then head to our handy guide, but the crib notes are: don’t forget medicine, stay clean and pack for comfort.

  1. Download Entertainment

Don’t assume the airplane or accommodation has WiFi, download the next half-dozen episodes of that show you love to binge, then when you have signal again, do the same. It’ll save you trying to stream when thousands of other poker players are doing the same.

  1. Carry Clothes

Not in your main suitcase, but a single change of clothes in your carry-on. If you arrive in Las Vegas without your luggage, at least you’ll have a day’s grace while they locate your suitcase in Katmandu.

  1. Check the Schedule

We’ve broken down some tournaments you might want to enter if you’re after low buy-ins or if you’re concentrating on $10,000 and above Championship Events. Either way, get your times right when you travel – it could be the difference between your Vegas trip being amazing or just cool.

  1. Set Your Body Clock

Unless you’re coming in from a very short distance away, you’ll want to realign your sleep patterns to Vegas-time. Doing so on the plane makes a lot of sense and kills two birds with one stone.

  1. Walk Places

Easy to say on Day #1, tough to stick to on Day #21, walking will center your spirit, save you money on taxis and leave you feeling healthier than most when you get to the table.

  1. Connect with Vegas

Knowing your way around Sin City for food, drink, and entertainment can take time. Engage with other players, but also those staying close to you, whether it’s at a hotel or private accommodation. Find out the best places to get value for money.

  1. Don’t Sweat It

Above all, enjoy traveling in Vegas. Between flights, walks and Uber rides, you’ll get to know new people and experience delays too. Take it all in your stride and if you’re at a loose end, catch up on some classic WSOP coverage or watch the PokerGO live stream – you’ll get there.

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