The final table of the World Poker Tour $3,500 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown kicked off at noon Wednesday. It was a wild final table, with all but one player holding the chip lead one point, and wrapped up in six hours of action. Tony Sinishtaj broke through, scoring his first WPT cash with a win worth $661,382 and a seat in the upcoming Tournament of Champions.

“It feels great, it’s really hard to put into words but it’s (the win) a long time coming,” Sinishtaj said. “I’ve been playing (WPT events) a long time and it feels great to put my name on the trophy. I didn’t even know that it was my first (WPT cash), that’s pretty bad because I play a ton of them. I guess made up for it by winning my first one.”

“I’ve spent a lot of time studying the game and dreaming about the game,” he said. “Playing in the TOC is something I never even dreamed about, it hasn’t event sunk in yet.”

The final table was long on talent (with six WSOP bracelets between them) with Dan Colman, Robert Mizrachi, Darryll Fish and Simeon Nadenov at the final table and one recreational player, Eric Beller.

Two orbits into the start of the final table Naydenov shoved his short stack holding Kh 8h, Colman called – having him out-pipped holding Ah 7h. An ace hit the flop, a third came on the turn and ended Naydenov’s day.

Another two orbits later Beller was the short stack shoved holding ace high and Mizrachi called holding pocket kings. Mizrachi flopped a set, Beller didn’t improve and left four experienced pros at the table.

Nearly three hours passed without an elimination with the chip lead being passed around. Then Colman began the hand as chip leader and he and Sinishtaj went to a raised flop of 8s 6d 2h. Sinishtaj led, Colman raised an additional million chips and Sinishtaj shoved for over eight million. Colman went deep into the tank for a few minutes, called holding pocket aces and Sinishtaj rolled over Kd 8d. The board completed with two diamonds, Colman’s aces were cracked and he was left with two big blinds. He was eliminated on the next hand after shoving with pocket deuces.

“When I lead out there I’m expecting him to call me me with better hands, but when he raised me I thought I’d put him to the test. He happened to have a hand I didn’t expect but even if he does I still have outs,” Sinishtaj said.

Roughly 30 minutes later Fish opened the action and Mizrachi shoved over the top for 3.5 million. Fish snap-called with Ah Qd and Mizrachi tabled pocket fours. Fish spiked a queen on the flop, rivered a four-flush and Mizrachi was out in third place.

Sinishtaj began heads-up play with roughly a 2-1 chip lead, Fish fought back to even, held the lead for a short while until Sinishtaj took the lead back after a showdown holding pocket sevens to Fish’s pocket deuces.

The final hand saw them go to a flop of 8d 3s 2d, Sinishtaj lead out and Fish moved all in. Sinishtaj snap-called with Kd Qd for the nut flush draw and Fish held As 3d for a pair. The board completed 6d 9d, giving Sinishtaj the winning flush and eliminated Fish in second place.

Final Table Payouts

1. Tony Sinishtaj – $661,382
2. Darryll Fish – $453,185
3. Robert Mizrachi – $293,864
4. Dan Colman – $217,686
5. Eric Beller – $164,438
6. Simeon Naydenov – $132,889