The first-ever global professional poker ranking system, the PokerGO Tour™ was unveiled today by PokerGO®. This groundbreaking endeavor signifies a historic moment in the sport of poker, with tens of millions of dollars at stake across 150 tournaments spanning across the globe. The PokerGO Tour™ will mark the first time an official tour and ranking system of this magnitude has been seen in the poker industry, which will separate and celebrate the most elite professional poker players in a similar fashion to the ranking systems of the world’s most renowned professional sports.

The top performer in the PokerGO Tour will be awarded $100,000 and named Player of the Year, incorporating results from PokerGO’s owned and operated portfolio of high stakes events including Poker Masters, U.S. Poker Open, Super High Roller Bowl, and more.

Throughout the year, players will earn points on every in-the-money finish at each PokerGO Tour™ qualifying event and the top performer will be presented with the Player of the Year (POY) Award and a cash prize of $100,000. Cash prizes of $50,000 and $25,000 will also be awarded to the 2nd and 3rd place players, respectively. The PokerGO Tour™ Rankings showcase who holds the top spot in the world of high stakes poker players.

“The sport of poker is hundreds of years old and until now, there has not been a globally recognized tour and ranking system that establishes and celebrates the most elite players across the globe, so we started something we hope will evolve and grow,” said Mori Eskandani, President of PokerGO®. “The PokerGO Tour™ events will include the world’s most challenging high stakes events in the world, bringing poker front and center in the world of sports in a way that has never been done before.”

The PokerGO Tour™ will continue with the 2021 U.S. Poker Open on June 3rd, 2021, at the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas. The U.S. Poker Open will take place from June 3rd – June 14th and is one of PokerGO®’s elite tournament series with twelve unique events where poker’s best players battle it out to bring home the inaugural Eagle Trophy.

Other qualifying events in the PokerGO Tour™ originating from PokerGO®’s esteemed portfolio of events include:

  • PokerGO® Cup – a brand new major featuring eight events of various formats including a $100,000 NLH Main Event, which will take place from July 1st – July 10th, taking July 4th off.
  • PokerGO® Heads-Up Championship – another new major slated for July 12th with a $3.2 million dollar prize pool. In the PokerGO® Heads-Up Championship, 32 poker professionals will battle in a bracket-style format.
  • Poker Masters – a 12-event tournament series from September 7th – September 19th that challenges the world’s best all-around players, giving them the opportunity to take home a coveted purple jacket.
  • Super High Roller Bowl (SHRB) – a 3-day tournament with a $300K buy-in starting on September 26th that will bring out the world’s best poker players competing for millions of dollars as well as the SHRB ring.

The point system for the PokerGO Tour™ is as follows:

Cash 10K+ 25K+ 100K+
5,000,000 1,500 1,000 700
4,000,000 1,400 900 600
3,000,000 1,300 800 500
2,000,000 1,200 700 400
1,000,000 1,000 600 300
900,000 900 540 270
800,000 800 480 240
700,000 700 420 210
600,000 600 360 180
500,000 500 300 150
400,000 400 240 120
300,000 300 180 90
200,000 200 120 60
100,000 100 60 30
50,000 50 30
25,000 25 15
10,000 10

*The cash column defaults to the same major currency used for the buy-in (AUD, EUR, GBP, USD), HKD events will be divided by 10.

The PokerGO Tour™ will calculate all cashes $1M or less using three percentages based on buy-in amounts – .0010 for $10K to $24K events, .0006 for $25K to $99K events and .0003 for $100K+ events. Cashes over $1M default percentages to the higher cash, if a player cashes for $1.5M in a $10K event, points are determined using the $2M percentage.

Super High Roller Bowl, PokerGO Cup, PokerGO Heads Up Championship