Brent and Remko and joined this week by reality TV star Tom Schwartz and producer of The Irishman, Randall Emmett. Both stars played on Poker After Dark and made some time to talk about their passion for poker, the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules and whether or not The Irishman will win an Oscar!

·     00:40 – Breaking down Poker After Dark “Whales vs. Wizards” featuring poker fan Tom Schwartz and back-to-back high roller champ Randall Emmett.
·     02:15 – Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz talks about where his passion for poker comes from and winning $1,000 playing poker in college which got him hooked!
·     03:45 – The Challenge! Randall Emmett and Tom Schwartz agree to play 10 heads-up matches to see who’s best!
·     04:32 – The Irishman is a huge success and Randall Emmett is one of the producers behind the scenes who made this magic possible and he breaks down being part of this epic film and working with Martin Scorsese.
·     09:35 – Tom Schwartz talks about his impressions of The Irishman and being at the premiere with Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino.
·     11:00 – What does it take to be part of a reality TV show as successful as Vanderpump Rules? Randall Emmett and Tom Schwartz break it down.
·     13:00 – Drama! Randall Emmett teases being in a big conflict on the next season of Vanderpump Rules caused by Tom Schwartz.
·     13:50 – What can poker fans expect of Tom Schwartz on Vanderpump Rules in Season 8?
·     16:00 – What’s it like having your entire life filmed, including the relationship drama? Tom Schwartz breaks it down.
·     18:20 – Is Tom Schwartz a massive nit at the poker table?
·     20:20 – Recapping the stellar 2019 with Randall Emmett, is he going to win an Oscar for The Irishman?
·     23:50 – What was Tom Schwartz’s highlight of 2019?

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