Poker After Dark returned to PokerGO on the eve of the Super High Roller Bowl lottery with one of the best high rollers in the game taking the spotlight. The premiere of “Whine and Cheese” week belonged to Tom Marchese. Facing off against seven difficult opponents in the $50/$100 game, Marchese proved himself to be the ‘King’ of the night.

The game was filled with players making their Poker After Dark debut including PokerGO commentator Jeremy Ausmus. Nevada was represented by more than just Ausmus as Dan O’Brien skied in from the slopes of Lake Tahoe to play Poker After Dark for the first time.

O’Brien found himself in the middle of a few fun hands during the session. The first encounter was an undesirable one as O’Brien had to figure out the pieces to Bob Bright’s river puzzle.

Bright sat beside fellow Poker After Dark regular Justin Young, who kept the drinks flowing all night. The spigot never turned off for Young, who shared with O’Brien as the two chatted during the game.

The other two Poker After Dark first-timers, Robert Keno and Hank Yang, teamed up for some exciting conversation with a side of the green. Both players finished in the black on the night and ensured there was never a moment of silence.

Marchese sat in the three seat but was at the figurative head of the table for the full night. The last course of the session featured Marchese bashing heads with “Femme Fatale” veteran Tracy Nguyen. Marchese put it all on the line and wound up with a full stomach by the end of the hand.

That pot lifted Marchese up to $70,000 ahead and he cruised to the dessert line as the game’s big winner.

Marchese returns tomorrow night at 6:00 pm ET to defend his top chef status against Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu.

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