Chewy by name, extremely tough by nature, Andrew Lichtenberger was a force to be reckoned with from the first hand he ever played on Poker After Dark. Part of the young brigade, Chewy was up against Tom Dwan in this episode, with Dwan being a flag-bearer for youthful exuberance if ever there was one.


For this week’s throwback hand, we’ve given you not one, not two, but three clashes between Chewy and Dwan that would see the former exit the table and the latter put himself in yet another dominating position against an extremely talented field. With both Chewy and Dwan, the question is always not only what hand they have, but what hands they’re choosing to try to represent.

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Establishing who is the table captain isn’t so important in this age of GTO poker, after all, you can easily fly under the radar and win big money. But when Poker After Dark reigned supreme, it was paramount to show yourself to be the player to beat. Putting yourself out there and dominating the table? It’s important at any felt, but six-handed under studio lights? It’s everything, and to both Chewy and Dwan it’s clear that they’re playing for a lot more than just the chips in front of them. They’re battling to be seen as top dog by the other players.

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