Season 5 of Poker After Dark rolls on with the addition of the second “Top Guns Cash Game” to THE VAULT on PokerGO. The seats have changed but the lineup remains just as tough with six of the game’s best battling in the $300/$600 game with a $100 ante thrown in.

A staggering $1.45 million is on the table at the start of the episode with Tom Dwan holding $583,000 of it. Dwan shifts one seat over to Seat 2 for the game, putting him right in the eye of the storm with Phil Ivey two seats to his left.

Ivey is playing close to $400,000 but as he was in the first episode, is more interested in the prop bets that are in action on each flop versus Ilari Sahamies. Ivey keeps track of the totals on a pen and paper leading Poker After Dark commentator Ali Nejad to refer to him as ‘CPA’ or, ‘Certified Prop Accountant.’

The action on each flop is worth $50,000 to Ivey and Sahamies, leading them to play their hands more toward the equity of flop color than the cards themselves.

On multiple instances, there have been high stakes games played on Poker After Dark with players providing a consistent commentary but that is not the case in this game.

The group is content to leave the talking to a minimum and focus on the task in front of them. Six-figure pots are not a rarity in this game and all at the table recognize that, even if they are keeping an eye on other parts of the action.

This episode features some of the best poker matched up on television between Dwan and Ivey. The positioning of the two players features multiple confrontations of No Limit poker being played at its finest. Patrik Antonius, Eli Elezra, and Howard Lederer are rarely cast in a supporting role but are a cut below the headliners in this episode.

Whatever words you might be looking for are filled in with the chips the two players throw down between them.

Pull up a chair and sit down in THE VAULT to watch the elite play at the highest stakes take place on Poker After Dark.

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