Poker After Dark never fears raising the stakes and the “$150K Cash Game” puts over $1 million on the table to start the action. The $300/$600 game features a $100 ante and frequent straddles to put the standard open in the neighborhood of $5,000.

Grab some tissues and head over to the nosebleed stakes in THE VAULT on PokerGO. Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius are on center stage with $250,000 each in their respective stacks to start play. The episode is the fifth time the two rivals are facing off on Poker After Dark and the stakes are the highest they’ve ever been.

Two other high rollers familiar with the Poker After Dark set join in the action with Eli Elezra and David ‘Viffer’ Peat on opposite ends of the table. Peat is a Poker After Dark staple and him on the direct right of Dwan is a match made in heaven for viewers looking for monster pots.

Gabe Kaplan and Alan Meltzer round out the six-handed table. Meltzer sits down for the first time on Poker After Dark and the record producer adds a unique mix to the pro-heavy lineup.

Blood hits the water right away with a pot of over $400,000 breaking out between Dwan and Meltzer. The trading of jabs usually entertains the early part of a Poker After Dark cash but that is traded with a knockout punch this time around. This hand is a can’t miss.

Although the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been, the atmosphere is congenial and continues the trend of classic episodes.

Season 6 of Poker After Dark is near an end and the biggest pots of the season are yet to come. Subscribe to PokerGO now for full access to THE VAULT to see these pots play out among the biggest stars in poker.

More action is available on-demand on PokerGO including “The Prestige” which aired this week and featured Antonio Esfandiari and Bill Perkins.

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