Five of a Kind takes you deep down into the Twitter streets so you can carry on with your everyday routines without missing any of the good stuff. This weekend it was all about Tiger Woods at The Masters, winning his 15th total Major and his 5th Masters, and that had the entire world of poker up bright and early to watch the action on Sunday. Chance Kornuth said it best, as you can see in the breakdown below.

Champions Chew

Phil Hellmuth noticed something that only the best of the best would recognize as perhaps another small part of the machine that makes a champion. Will this lead to Phil Hellmuth going ham with gum during the 2019 World Series of Poker? You better believe it!

The Sunglasses Conundrum

Well, this is food for thought! Check out the Tweet below and think of yourself and whether you fit into both these categories. For all intents and purposes, if I was a golf player I would definitely wear sunglasses on a bright sunny day while on the other hand, I’ve never worn sunglasses in a poker room.


The World Series of Poker originally ran its events starting at 2:00 pm, with later events kicking off at 5:00 pm but in recent years 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm have become the norm. However, the WSOP has tried getting people in the door earlier by putting the start of events to 10:00 and 11:00 am. Chance Kornuth makes a great point as all the same poker players who complain about the WSOP starting times were all of a sudden up at 6 am Las Vegas time to watch Tiger!

A Swing and a Miss

Matt Salsberg last won a poker tournament in May of 2017, and while we’re unaware of any golf prowess he might possess, he found it necessary to let us know that he’s not ever going to win The Masters. Thanks for letting us know, Salty, we were almost starting to wonder whether we should call our local bookie to get some odds on this happening.

Timex Woods

Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald has had enormous success in the game of poker and he shared some nice thoughts on Tiger Woods’ Masters win. Perhaps Timex’s thoughts will change some of the sentiments people have on the golf legend who’s had some crazy swings in both his personal and professional life before getting back on top.

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