Sometimes the hands do not need an explanation and that is the case this week on “Throwback Hands.” Phil Hellmuth is in the eye of the storm in a matchup against Jean-Robert Bellande. The action in the hand is unimportant in comparison to the finale.

The pair dives into a roaring debate over poker etiquette that spans for five minutes. This classic war of words is now available inside THE VAULT on PokerGO.

Hellmuth says Bellande has a winner but Bellande refuses to believe Hellmuth unless he shows his hand. This leads Hellmuth into a tirade for the ages where he announces his “lesson for the American public.”

Only Hellmuth could make a spectacle out of a detail so minor that the whole table is breathless over the encounter. Sam Grizzle and Gavin Smith involve themselves leading to hysteria on the Poker After Dark set.

Mayhem, personalities and a little bit of poker thrown in. That is the Hellmuth-Bellande debate in a nutshell.

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