The second night of Poker After Dark’s dramatic “Games of our Lives” series took the tension to new heights. All bets were off as soon as Jean-Robert Bellande filled in for Jacky Wang to start the episode and the action skyrocketed from there.

The $200/$400 game that streamed exclusively on PokerGO promised to have huge action and dramatic plot twists with former soap star Farah Galfond headlining the game once again. Bellande made his second appearance in a Poker After Dark cash game and led the action for the full session.

Bill Perkins was onboard once again for tonight’s game and sat literally right in the middle of the action. Perkins took an early shot at the hands of Galfond but managed to get most of it back against Bill Klein. The action heats up on river between the Dollar Bills but only one survives the duel inside ARIA.

All five players aside from Wang returned from the first night of play with yesterday’s big winner Bob Bright sitting between Matt Berkey and Bellande. Bright and Bellande messed around in many pots and just when Bellande thought he had Bright on the hook, the deck had other thoughts. When the river hits, one of the largest pots of the night ends not the way Bellande hoped.

The outcome of the hand between Bright and Bellande set the tone for the rest of the night with Bellande in a foul mood and full of self-deprecation. Bellande is known for taking brutal beats and this one stuck with him as did it for all Poker After Dark viewers.

The frustration set upon Bellande manifested itself later on in the show. Bellande is full of colorful quotes and after a few glasses of wine, another gem emerged from his brain as he took down a pot with nothing but a draw.

Galfond finished the night as the game’s most profitable player with no opponents in her immediate rearview mirror. This episode concludes the “Games of our Lives” week on Poker After Dark.

If you can’t wait for more Poker After Dark action, worry not, there are more lineups scheduled to hit the airwaves before the end of 2017. Until then, stream all episodes on-demand on PokerGO and check out PokerCentral.com for all upcoming announcements.

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