The final six seats are set for the $100,000 Poker Masters Championship Final Table airing live exclusively on PokerGO at 5:30 pm ET. The race for the Poker Masters Purple Jacket™ is very much still alive, with first place paying over $1.5 million. Here’s a look at the final table and their thoughts heading into the finale.

Seat 1: Justin Bonomo – 1,050,000

“I feel good – we’re all relatively close to even right now, which is much better off than where I was an hour ago when I was very short stacked. I’m happy with my chip position right now.”

“Pink and purple kind of clash, don’t they? I’m not very good with colors, you tell me. The pink is so political at this point – it’s tough to say.”

“There’s definitely a lot of prestige in this event and I hope this is year one of something that becomes a real legacy in the poker world where people look forward to this event. I know I certainly will next year – $1.5 million is a ton of money. All of the players at this final table are extremely talented, so it’s going to be tough.”

Seat 2: Steffen Sontheimer – 1,345,000

“I feel good – playing a nice home game with my friends, it will be fun.”

“Regarding the Jacket, I have one mission – I have to save the world from the combination of Justin’s pink hair and the Purple Jacket. It doesn’t work. I have to get at least second because Fedor and Stefan have cashes already and they will be strong contenders. I still see it as just one tournament and will try to win it.”

“They ask me lots of questions about how to play so I feel like I’m 2% ahead of the curve and I’ll get them in the streets. They don’t know all my moves.”

“There are two things important to me – one is that I have a seven-figure score, which Dominik Nitsche doesn’t have and two is Stefan (Schillhabel) is ahead of me by about $1 million on the German all-time money list, so I have to catch him.”

Seat 3: Seth Davies – 740,000

“It feels great – this is what we came for. For one of my first Super High Rollers it’s awesome to have already locked up a decent goal.”

“This is the real deal – this is the big leagues, I caught myself looking around earlier and it was kind off eerie. There’s 20 people in this room and I was thinking about how many people were watching on PokerGO, it was kind of a cool feeling.”

“I’m the short stack with about 50 big blinds, so I don’t have to be shy about playing tight. The bubble broke so I get to throw some chips around and I’m excited for a pretty crazy day of poker.”

Seat 4: Fedor Holz – 1,471,000

“This is the first Poker Masters so it is a very special thing. I’m pretty amped up right now. I felt really in the zone today and did a couple of crazy things where I still feel comfortable because I was pretty sure I had good reads on what people were doing. I’m also playing with three friends which is exciting. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

“No banter about the Jacket yet. I think it will start at maybe four-handed then it will be fun. It’s going to be a fight.”

“I just look at one tournament at a time. I want to play well tomorrow, I wasn’t super happy with how I played in the prelims, I was sick and didn’t sleep. Now, I’m like, ‘Let’s get in the zone, really focus and be as professional as I can be.’ Winning this one, that would mean a lot. I’ll try really hard.”

Seat 5: Christian Christner – 1,376,000

“I’m defintely happy to be playing at the final table with all these German guys. It’s going to be interesting, we’re super deep.”

“It was a hard situation for Stephen I guess, he was doing super good and to be honest, I’m still not sure if that’s a call for me.”

“It would mean a lot . The last High Roller I played heads-up with Steffen too. I would be glad to play heads-up with him again.”

Seat 6: Stefan Schillhabel – 1,218,000

“I think it’s only the PokerGO tournaments I do well in. I bricked every single $25K this summer – not one cash. I really like to play on the feature table stream, I run really good.”

“I’ve played at a lot of feature tables the last couple years so I’m feeling confident. It’s really nice at the ARIA – they take care of everything here. It’s the best place to play high stakes poker tournaments.”

“It would be great to finish first with such great players left. It’s a bit of a problem for me that everyone is so deep because I never play cash games. I’m only a tournament player and feel good with 30-50 big blind average, but we’ve played 100 big blinds average the whole tournament and I took my spots. I see this tournament as itself and I have a good chance, even playing against the best in the world.”

“Fedor and Steffen are the two best players in the world and Christian is a machine and playing perfect. They are going to be the ones to beat and most dangerous for me.”

Editor’s Note: All player photos: Danny Maxwell/Poker Central