This time last year, the biggest beef in the poker world was between Doug Polk and Jason Mercier. One called the other a “bad reg” but then that bad reg went on to make the World Series of Poker his playground and win two bracelets, on top of Player of the Year honors. This year, Polk may find himself in another pre-WSOP feud.

English professional Luke Schwartz called the two-time bracelet winner out in a recent PokerNews interview from the PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo series.

In the interview, Schwartz called Polk a “big pigeon in life” and made a few, less than positive, references to Polk’s Upswing Poker training site. Schwartz called the site “a little scam” and was less than happy that Polk framed and poked fun at Schwartz’s own PokerStars cash game graph.

The self-admitted “controversial” Schwartz then attempted to mimic Polk’s mannerisms and challenged Polk to a heads up 8-game match, saying, “I play 8-game versus anyone, I play people better than me, so obviously, I’m going to play someone worse than me.”

That quote could potentially lay the groundwork for poker’s next big Grudge Match. Polk, who has yet to respond to his potential opponent’s call-out, was in the commentary booth for the last one, won by Cate Hall. If Schwartz has his way, they’ll be on the felt battling each other but if he fairs the same as the last heads up aggressor, he’ll have to pull up a seat and eat crow at the same table as Mike Dentale.

Schwartz has spoken. Polk will likely speak via his YouTube channel and now, we will wait and see if GMP Matt Glantz can make another Grudge Match a reality.