Stories from the Felt is back! After a successful first season, the original series “Stories from the Felt” returns today on PokerGO with six episodes highlighting the history of poker in Las Vegas, the transformation of poker into a televised game, and the most personal moments for professional and recreational poker players.

In a partnership with Greencard Pictures, “Stories from the Felt” unveils poker’s greatest untold stories that feature iconic moments from the past and present highlighted by music legend Steve Albini’s love for the game, as featured on Rolling Stone. The new episodes on PokerGO cover the following topics.

  • Norm and Lon – When poker exploded in the early 2000s, commentators Norman Chad and Lon McEachern instantly became synonymous with ESPN’s World Series of Poker coverage. Now iconic, the voices behind the broadcast share their stories.
  • Steve Albini Cashes In – Legendary music producer Steve Albini has worked with some of the world’s biggest bands, including Nirvana, and in his spare time he has played with poker’s best leading up to his unexpected win of WSOP gold in 2018.
  • The Mirage – This landmark hotel, opened in 1989, changed Las Vegas culture and created a new home for poker. Mori Eskandani, Steve Zolotow, and Daniel Negreanu tell their stories from the felt.
  • Bonologic – 2018 Super High Roller Bowl champion Justin Bonomo has had the best year in poker history, but there is a lot more to Justin than being a winner.
  • How to Lose – Top players Danielle Andersen, Scott Seiver, Ali Nejad, and Daniel Negreanu share their most difficult tournament experiences and how they cope.
  • How They Deal – Staying balanced is an important part of life as a poker champion. Learn from the perspectives of Brandon Shack-Harris, Danielle Andersen, Daniel Negreanu, and more.

“We received an incredibly positive response to the first season of ‘Stories from the Felt,’” said Sam Simmons, president of Poker Central. “We’re confident that our new season filled with game history and player experience will captivate our viewers by shining a light on how the game of poker has evolved and made a resounding cultural impact.”

“With season two, I was excited to dig deeper into the fascinating world of pro poker,” said Duncan Skiles, director of the series. “From shoot to edit, the experience was what every documentary team wishes for: a welcoming community, dynamic stories, and creative freedom. The result is a collection of shorts that are among my favorite films that I’ve made.”

“Stories from the Felt” is the latest original series available exclusively through the PokerGO streaming service. From behind-the-scenes interviews on “Beyond the Rail” and “Hand Histories” to the acclaimed docuseries “INSIDERS: Super High Roller Bowl 2018,” PokerGO’s originals provide unmatched access to the world of poker, both on and off the felt.

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