The 2017 Super High Roller Bowl was filled with excitement and high stakes from the moment cards were in the air. Eight players remain on Day 4 and you can cut a knife with the tension. A $16.86 million prize pools needs to be divided among them. By the end of the final episodes, a winner is crowned on PokerGO with $6 million going to first place.

Dan Shak exited on Day 3 on the bubble and there is another bubble in place when Day 4 opens. Due to two players forgoing their $30,000 deposit, there is $60,000 leftover for whoever place eighth. A rebate of that size is a small consolation prize with seventh place earning $600,000.

The magnifying glass hovers over Jason Koon when Episode 13 opens as the West Virginian owns the unfortunate label of the short stack.

The mood at the table is as tense as ever as Koon wriggles on the hook with seven sharks lurking to knock him out.

After the bubble, the action swiftly moves toward shorthanded play where for the second straight year, it comes down to a battle between Germany and the United States for who wins Super High Roller Bowl.

Rainer Kempe and Fedor Holz outlasted Erik Seidel and Phil Hellmuth in 2016. This time around, Christoph Vogelsang and Stefan Schillhabel match up with Jake Schindler among the final three. Pratyush Buddiga, Byron Kaverman, and Justin Bonomo put forth admirable efforts but were not able to crack the tournament podium.

Learn more about Bonomo’s $4.8 million Super High Roller Bowl China win by listening to the Poker Central podcast.

When it gets down to heads up play between Schindler and Vogelsang, there is no room to breathe between the difference in the two players. With zero time banks at his disposal, every decision is critical for Vogelsang. The German competitor to the test on a few occasions by his American counterpart.

The tension leads to one of the best moments of the year as Schindler moves all-in on the river and Vogelsang has 30 seconds to call and win the title.

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