The latest episode of Tell Tale from PokerGO focuses on the close-knit bond of players in the same game. Host Blake Eastman tells viewers from his secret booth the relationships players have with each other and how that impacts the way they play. Now streaming on-demand is a show where the cards are only half the story.

Janice is the student of Fausto, another player in the game, and that adds a new dynamic to the fold. Do the other players know this? If so, how does that affect how they play versus Janice knowing she likely plays a similar game to Fausto? The dynamics bring new levels to the fold and makes Janice’s in-game decisions more scrutinized.

Eastman breaks down Janice’s physical indicators and points out all the signs that lead her to be a confident player at the table.

Also in the mix are the first set of characters listed by Eastman in the earlier episodes. Their tells are already fresh in the mind’s of viewers and more apparent than ever before. Are you learning anything from Eastman to apply to your own game? Watch closely and discover tips for becoming a live-reads master.

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