How do you win the World Series of Poker Main Event? This is the greatest question in poker, as thousands of players make the pilgrimage to Las Vegas every summer with that dream in mind along with $10,000 burning in their pockets in an attempt to fulfill it. Back in 2017 Scott Blumstein from Morristown, New Jersey, played his maiden Main Event as one of the 7,221 hopefuls looking to play nine straight days of flawless poker and he did just that.

“I just got chills walking into the Rio to play, to begin with,” Blumstein said about his experience in the Main Event, let alone making the final table and winning the whole thing.

“I just got a lot of good cards, made a lot of good hands, and timely bluffs,” Blumstein added about his run towards the final table. Jokingly, Blumstein added, “But I made some bad bluffs too but luckily those weren’t for all my chips!”

Thinking back of a defining moment prior to the final table, Blumstein mentioned pulling off a massive bluff against Ben Lamb who folded a full house to him. That hand can be seen by watching Day 5 Part 2 as shown in the overview below.

Curious to relive Blumstein’s winning moment? Watch the YouTube clip below and hear his thoughts along with the video on Run it Back.

The 2017 WSOP Main Event was broadcasted live on ESPN and PokerGO and you can catch all episodes on PokerGO right now. Select your favorite episode from the overview below and start watching right now.

2017 WSOP Main Event Viewing Guide
Episode Day Featured Player/Episode Note PokerGO Link
1  Day 1a/b Vanessa Selbst Link
2  Day 1c Daniel Negreanu and Jason Mercier Link
3 Day 2 Sam Grafton and Doug Polk Link
4 Day 3 Joe Hachem and Rainer Kempe Link
5 Day 4 Part 1 Jeff Lisandro and Sofia Lovgren Link
6 Day 4 Part 2 Faraz Jaka, Sam Stein, and Dario Sammartino Link
7 Day 5 Part 1 Charlie Carrel, Greg Mueller, and Kathy Liebert Link
8 Day 5 Part 2 Mickey Craft, Ben Lamb, and Charlie Carrel Link
9 Day 6 Part 1 Kenny Hallaert, Michael Ruane, Antoine Saout Link
10 Day 6 Part 2 John Hesp, Jonathan Dwek, Dan Ott, Dario Sammartino Link
11 Day 6 Part 3 Final 43 down to 30 players Link
12 Day 6 Part 4 John Hesp, Ben Lamb and Michael Ruane Link
13 Day 7 Part 1 Final 27 players Link
14 Day 7 Part 2 Final 18 players Link
15 Day 7 Part 3 Final 14 players Link
16 Day 7 Part 3 Final 12 players Link
17 Final Table Part 1 John Hesp, Scott Blumstein, Bryan Piccioli Link
18 Final Table Part 2 Scott Blumstein, Benjamin Pollak, Dan Ott Link

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Scott Blumstein, 2017 WSOP Main Event