In the lead up to Sunday’s All-Star Game, the biggest story line surrounding the National Basketball Association is how former teammates Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant will handle playing together as representatives of the Western Conference. Westbrook and Durant have not exactly been friendly since the latter opted to leave Oklahoma City this summer, instead signing with the Golden State Warriors to potentially construct the greatest team in NBA history.

So far, Durant has made that happen. The Warriors are the best team in the league and their Big Four are all in New Orleans for this weekend’s All-Star Game. Warriors teammates Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Dreymond Green aren’t attracting that much interest though, instead the Westbrook v. Durant circus has held the media’s attention for the last few days.

Durant hasn’t exactly dropped the mic with any of his pre-All-Star quotes about his former teammate, instead keeping it relatively PC over the last few days. Westbrook on the other hand, is taking a different route, ignoring questions about Durant, the Warriors and the opportunity to play together this weekend.

On Friday, Westbrook instead talked about fashion when he was asked about being in the locker room with Kevin Durant for the first time since last season.

Westbrook is clearly deflecting, talking about New York Fashion Week, Public School clothing and the new Gucci stuff that is “dope”. We’re sure that Westbrook will have to face more questions about Durant before and after this afternoon’s game, so how else can Westbrook avoid the only question the media actually wants him to answer?

Aversion Tactic #1

Media: Hey Russ, what’s it going to be like to be in that locker room with Kevin Durant?

Westbrook: Man, you know what, I’m so happy The LEGO Batman Movie won at the box office this weekend. You see The LEGO Batman Movie? That LEGO Batman is hilarious and even though I know it’s not real, it’s definitely more believable than Matt Damon in a movie about the Great Wall of China. That makes no sense, man.

Aversion Tactic #2

Media: Russell, any thoughts on the possibility of playing with four Golden State Warriors at the same time on Sunday?

Westbrook: Do you guys watch soccer? It’s definitely my favorite sport other than basketball. I’ve been watching the FA Cup all season, did you see semi-professional side Lincoln City win their way into the quarterfinals on Saturday? Another non-pro side, Sutton United, have a chance to do the same on Monday when they play one of the biggest clubs in the world, Arsenal. I’m a small market guy, always have been. Go Sutton!

Aversion Tactic #3

Media: What were your initial thoughts when Kevin decided to leave Oklahoma City? Would you ever do that?

Westbrook: Did you guys catch last week’s Grammy Awards? Chance The Rapper cleaned up, that kid is legit. Now he’s turning down record deals from big name companies that are worth close to $5-$10 million. Every label is trying to get him but Chance isn’t selling out, he’s sticking with what has worked for him and staying true to himself. Man, I can respect that.

Aversion Tactic #4

Media: A lot of people are saying that they aren’t expecting any drama from you and Kevin this weekend. What kind of action are you expecting?

Westbrook: I remember I used to watch these YouTube videos of High Stakes Poker and there was so much action. I remember there was this one hand with Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey, man, that was action. Haven’t seen something like that until this week, did you see that Doug Polk hand? He tried to bluff Alec Torreli with eight-high, that Polk guy really went for it, man.

Aversion Tactic #5

Media: Russ, do you think you and Kevin will ever be able to repair your friendship?

Westbrook: Man, another point guard in the NBA just said that the earth was flat. We done here?