With so many personalities and poker related content out there to consume, it may be hard to catch it all, but don’t worry. Each week, Poker Central’s “Don’t Look Now” series will get you up to speed on everything poker and video from the last week. From highlights, “viral” content, quick hits from social media and on-demand PokerGO content, “Don’t Look Now” brings it all together.

Starting with the biggest pot from “Perks of the Trade” week would be doing a disservice to the biggest week in Poker After Dark history. All three straddle-filled $300/$600 No Limit Hold’em cash games played huge and while it looked like a few $1 million pots would break out throughout the week, the action failed to break that seven-figure threshold. Nevertheless, Hollywood’s Rick Salomon and China’s Aaron Zang collided in an over $925,000 pot in the “Perks of the Trade” opener than nearly made more Poker After Dark history.

It took close to two months and nearly three days of “Perks of the Trade” cash games, but the “7-2” game finally debuted on Poker After Dark. Originally, the five-handed lineup agreed to put up $2,000 per player if someone could win a hand with 7-2, but expertly, Doug Polk upped the price and then looked down at 7-2. He ended up winning the pot with the worst hand in poker and collected an additional $20,000. Unfortunately, even that wasn’t enough to make him a winner during the “Perks of the Trade” finale.

Sure, Doug Polk has had some rough Poker After Dark sessions over the last few weeks and, for a YouTube personality, he claims his YouTube numbers are trending in the wrong direction. Thankfully, Polk won $3.6 million this past summer and thankfully, that entire event was streamed on PokerGO so if Polk ever needs a pick-me-up, we can regain his confidence via the PokerGO event replay library.

While Polk vlogged his entire High Roller for One Drop victory, that was just a three-day process. Online legend Lex Veldhuis, while he didn’t win the WCOOP Main Event, vlogged his entire WCOOP series. From the highs and lows of online poker, to some blow ups, Veldhuis vlogged it all and remains one of the poker world’s most entertaining streamers.