Over the last few months, Poker After Dark have featured some of the world’s biggest cash games. Even though the stakes were smaller during “Moon Magic” week, that didn’t mean that there was less action and excitement.

The same six-handed lineup battled in back-to-back nights of $25/$50/$100 cash games, with Antonio Esfandiari and Danielle Andersen headlining the “Moon Magic” action.

Both players booked winning sessions during the first “Moon Magic” cash game, with Esfandiari making a triumphant return to Poker After Dark with a nearly $100,000 victory. Some of those winnings came from debutante Barry Woods, who tried his hand at the 7-2 game. Justin Young also booked a decent win during his first Poker After Dark appearance and the Las Vegas professional also became the first player in history to tap into the PokerGO bar.

While the drinks were flowing during the “Moon Magic” opener, the second session was more controlled. Antonio Esfandiari couldn’t be controlled though, as he booked another six-figure win. “The Magician” won an over $200,000 pot against “Jacky” Wang to open the second cash game and then won another sizable pot against Danielle “dmoongirl” Andersen.

Both $25/$50/$100 No Limit Hold’em cash games are now available in PokerGO’s event replay section. Relive all the action before Poker After Dark returns next month, but not before the World Poker Tour returns to PokerGO with the WPT Five Diamond final table.

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