New to the show? Let me introduce it! Real Talk is a PokerGO Original series that presents you with some of the biggest names joining yours truly to discuss the hottest topics in the game. All 10 episodes can be found exclusively on PokerGO, and today we’re highlighting the one that featured Faraz Jaka and Ari Engel talking about the difference in their poker lifestyles.

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“I’m extreme. When I do something, I want to go all-out and maximize the experience,” Faraz Jaka said on Real Talk about his approach to life and poker lifestyle. Jaka is outgoing, has traveled the world and playing the highest stakes. Also joining us is Ari Engel, who’s taken a more conservative approach to the game, but he’s been successful for more than a decade now, outlasting many of his opponents who took more risks and sought out volatility.

“I’ve asked myself thousands of times throughout my career if I should be continuing playing. There has not been a year where I haven’t asked myself that despite all my success,” Angel said about his life as a professional.

Both Jaka and Engel have interesting stories, and on this episode of Real Talk they show that there are many ways that lead to success.

Watch the full episode of Real Talk featuring Faraz Jaka and Ari Engel in the player below.

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Ari Engel, Faraz Jaka