Rainer Kempe is one of three players to hold a Super High Roller Bowl championship ring and the German high roller is in Las Vegas looking to add the Poker Masters Purple Jacket™ to his collection. Kempe’s a veteran of the high roller circuit with over $10 million in earnings and though he hasn’t cashed yet, he’s enjoyed ARIA’s tournament atmosphere.

“Everyone is really excited actually,” Kempe said. “I started my table with Daniel and six people that had side bets with him, which gave the whole thing a special dynamic. Everyone was enjoying their time, happy to gamble and putting themselves out there. It’s been really cool.”

Kempe’s had massive success at the ARIA starting with his win at the 2016 SHR Bowl for $5 million and two other ARIA $50,000 Super High Roller wins, which makes for comfortable setting for him. “The ARIA High Rollers are probably my favorite events as it is and this is the most special because of the week and the buy-ins are interesting,” said Kempe.

He’s a fan of the back-to-back-to-back-to-back starting days, “That’s the structure, it’s great and people are really talkative,” he said. “What I like is that it’s a little bit of the same atmosphere but you have more than once chance.”

“So, you can basically guarantee that you know you’ll have a week of action,” Kempe added. “Which is really cool because in the Super High Roller Bowl you can make two bad decisions in an hour and be done.”

There is still time for Kempe make a charge up the Poker Masters leader board and contend for the Purple Jacket. The thought of pairing the jacket with his SHR Bowl ring piqued his interest, “Yeah, that would be a good combination actually,” he said. “I could find places to wear them I’m sure.”