The 2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas kicked off with 54 entries to the $100,000 Super High Roller event, which boded well for a schedule featuring a handful of buy-ins at $10,000 and above. But there was a market for more action and PokerStars added six new big buy-in events to the schedule.

The first event was scheduled to kick off Saturday afternoon but actually didn’t run – potentially due to too many interested players were still in the $100K SHR event. The mind-numbing 13 re-entries indicate players are itching for action and have plans of nearly an additional $100,000 of buy-ins.

Added Events

Event 93 – $25,500 NL Hold’em Single Re-entry (25 minute levels) – January 7 (4 pm)*
Event 94 – $10,200 NL Hold’em Hyper Turbo (10-minute levels) – January 9 (10 pm
Event 95 – $10,200 NL Hold’em Hyper Turbo (10-minute levels) – January 10 (10 pm)
Event 96 – $25,500 NL Hold’em Singe Re-entry (30-minute levels) – January 11 (12 pm)
Event 97 – $10,200 NL Hold’em Hyper Turbo (10-minute levels) – January 11 (10 pm)
Event 98 – $15,300 NL Holdem Single Re-entry (20-minute levels) – January 13 (6 pm)
*denotes did not run

The announcement came from Neil Johnson (NeilJPoker), one of the Top Tweeters we told you about.

PokerStars accommodated players simmarly at the final EPT Prague when Steven O’Dwyer generated an interest list over Twitter. Tournament organizers added two additional single day high rollers –  though he didn’t win, he did cash in all three events for nearly $300,000.