Arthur Morris' third cash of the PGT Mixed Games II 2023 was the elusive victory he had been looking for, as he bested a field of 24 entries to win Event #9: $5,100 No-Limit 2-7 for $49,902. It was a satisfying win for Morris, having finished third in this same event during the initial PGT Mixed Games 2023 series in February.

Morris almost went wire-to-wire this time, holding the chip lead at the first break, being second in chips at the second break, and taking the chip lead into the final table where he only lost it briefly. He quickly regained it when he eliminated Nik "Airball" Arcot in seventh place. Nick Schulman fell in sixth place and David Prociak bubbled the tournament in fifth place. Andres Korn min-cashed and finished in fourth place.

A lengthy three-handed battle came to an end when Morris and Philip Sternheimer each made eight-seven's. Morris, however, had eight-seven perfect and that propelled him to more than a 2-to-1 chip lead entering heads-up play. After Morris and David Funkhouser agreed to modify the payouts, the chips got into the middle in a pot where both stood pat with their hands. Funkhouser had a nine-eight, but Morris had number two with to clinch the victory.

PGT Mixed Games II Event #9 Results

Place Player Country Points Prize
1st Arthur Morris United States 55 $49,902
2nd David Funkhouser United States 34 $38,898
3rd Philip Sternheimer United Kingdom 19 $19,200
4th Andres Korn Argentina 12 $12,000

The victory also put Morris into the Top 10 of the PGT Mixed Games II Series Leaderboard. Earlier in the day, Chino Rheem secured the top spot with his third-place finish in the 10-Game Championship.

PGT Mixed Games II Series Leaderboard Top 10

Rank Player Wins Cashes Winnings Points
1 Chino Rheem 1 5 $433,600 388
2 David Funkhouser 1 3 $274,700 275
3 Nick Schulman 1 3 $273,900 274
4 Dylan Weisman 1 3 $250,350 240
5 Maxx Coleman 1 2 $260,030 188
6 Hal Rotholz 1 2 $181,200 181
7 Dzmitry Urbanovich 1 1 $179,200 179
8 Arthur Morris 1 3 $150,700 150
9 John Hennigan 0 3 $170,350 139
10 Paul Volpe 0 1 $136,800 137

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