Every week freelance writer Paul Seaton takes a light-hearted comedic look at recasting a famous movie or TV show, and this week he’s diving into the critically acclaimed crime drama Peaky Blinders. 

Tommy Shelby – played by Ludovic Geilich

The leader of the Peaky Blinders is an everyman with a quick wit and an accent that charms even the stoniest of hearts. Played in our recast by the jovial Scot Ludovic Geilich, we think the man known as ‘Ludo’ could take charge of those Peaky Blinders and use his experiences in the past to guide their future. Plus, he looks like Cillian Murphy’s long-lost cousin.

Polly Gray – played by Linda Johnson

Tommy and his brothers’ Aunt Polly acts as something of a treasurer to the Shelbys. Having held the reigns while the men were at war, we can think of no-one better than the ‘First Lady of Poker’ to take charge when the chips are down.  Linda Johnson’s background as a savvy, street-smart New Yorker will stand her in good stead for dealing with a lot of bullish Brummies.

Arthur Shelby – played by Sam Greenwood

The oldest Shelby sibling is played by the business-like Sam Greenwood, one of two twins within the talented poker family. While the original Arthur could be prone to emotional outburst, we like Sam Greenwood’s placid exterior and calmness at the felt. He’ll be able to influence the other men in the Peaky Blinders by leading from the front, like he has done in so many live poker tournaments. He’ll be helped by…

John Shelby – played by Luc Greenwood

Yes, the slightly more philosophical Greenwood is cast as the third-youngest Shelby. Luc Greenwood is no less talented at the table, and alongside his brother and Geilich, would be a match for anyone. It’s also set up for an homage to the film The Prestige, where an unexpected twin causes the ultimate damage. Oh, Spoiler Alert.  

Chester Campbell – played by Todd Brunson

The ultimate enemy of the Blinders is brought to new life by Todd Brunson. Having once won $13.5 million in 48 hours in a $50,000/$100,000 game that formed the 2005 chronicle The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King, we think Brunson would be the ultimate match for the Peaky Blinders. Cue some good-natured jibing about super his system is as he bids to clean up the Birmingham streets of gang-related crime, all under a cowboy hat in post-War Britain. Lovely stuff.

Alfie Solomons – played by Michael Mizrachi

Played by Tom Hardy in the original Peaky Blinders, we’re recasting the hard man role with one of the most unique players on the circuit. Another ‘poker brother’, Mizrachi has won the WSOP Poker Players Championship a record three times, which you can enjoy right here via PokerGO, our exclusive on-demand service. If anyone can front an illegal distillery disguised as a bakery with a convincing bluff, it’s Mizrachi – essentially giving us The Grinder vs. The Blinders. As friendly away from the poker table as anyone else, he’s deadly when you put him to the test at the felt.

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