Antonio Esfandiari headlined Poker After Dark‘s return and “The Magician” headlined a majority of the action during an exciting “Magic Moments” week opener. Esfandiari returned to PokerGO flanked by Jennifer Tilly and a cast of high stakes cash game veterans, who spent the first four hours of the night beating up on their host.

At one point, Esfandiari was the only “Magic Moments” loser and was down over $300,000. He then went on a magical uptick during the final two hours of the night, which started with one of the greatest bluffs in Poker After Dark history.

Facing a nearly impossible spot, Esfandiari risked his entire stack with 7-2 and miraculously forced a fold from Liron Ben-Shimon. “The Magician” showed and collected $500 from every player, but you can’t put a price on a bluff like this.

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