Before Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney *shudder* and Christian Bale donned the black winged outfit of Batman, there was a highly successful TV series based around the caped crusader. Broadcast ‘in color’ for the first time, Adam West starred alongside Burt Ward as Batman and Robin battled villains who spent as much time in makeup as they did practicing fight sequences. It’s time for a reboot, and there are some very famous actors who play the game of poker who would be up for recasting.

Holy all-in moves, Batman!

Batman – played by Ben Affleck

Wait, what? He’s already Batman, you say? Not in lilac spandex, he isn’t. ‘Batfleck’ could do with lightening his tone if Batman v Superman is anything to go by, and we’ve seen him play in the World Series of Poker, so it’s obvious that he can ham it up with the best of them. But who could be his wingman? There’s only one man for the job…

Robin – played by Matt Damon

It could only be Affleck’s co-star and co-writer from the film Good Will Hunting, couldn’t it? Another WSOP veteran (OK, he’s played the Main Event once) Damon starred in the popular movie Rounders, which is widely regarded as the best film ever about poker. If he can play Mike McDermott, a man capable of bluffing Johnny Chan and befriending a man called Worm, then he has the range to play the Boy Wonder.

The Joker – played by Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul is too good an actor to devote any major time to poker in our opinion, but man, he was great to watch at the felt. That quiet intensity he has about him, along with the wild side he can access as demonstrated in his role as Jesse Pinkman in the hit TV series Breaking Bad would combine to make a fantastic Joker. Make it happen, Netflix.

The Riddler – played by Tobey Maguire

One of the original participants in Molly’s Game (real-life not celluloid version), Maguire was – by Bloom’s account, anyway – a bit of a nightmare to deal with at the table and away from it. But then, that’s exactly what The Riddler is supposed to be to Batman, a nagging creep he can’t quite shake off. Maguire would have a chance to eclipse his best-ever acting performance, namely his turn in 1991’s cult TV hit Eerie, Indiana.

Alfred – played by Norm MacDonald

Let’s face facts, Bat-fans. Batman is a little too serious, as Heath Ledger’s Joker once famously remarked upon. As while Alfred is often seen as a far stuffier, older chap than Norm, Batman needs some humor in his life. MacDonald would be epic, trolling Batman and Robin in their daily superhero lives to such an extent that they’d resent him… with hilarious consequences.

Commissioner James Gordon – played by Jason Alexander

Our final piece in the jigsaw is the undoubted star of any show, Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander. He’d be a tremendous Commissioner Gordon. Unashamedly a poker player of a recreational level, Alexander’s acting and poker skills would pay the police bills as he barks orders at the dynamic duo from the safety of Gotham City’s Police Department.

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