The countdown to the highest stakes week of the year has begun and over the next few days, Poker Central will prepare fans for the first-ever Poker Masters series. The five-event high stakes series will be streamed exclusively on PokerGO. The action starts September 13th and concludes with the Poker Masters Purple Jacket™ presentation on September 20th. 

The Poker Masters is just a day away, meaning that in just over 24 hours, the opening $50,000 event will be live streamed on PokerGO. While tomorrow’s feature table stream will open the week-long series, there is a full week of high stakes action ready to captivate fans from around the globe. Four $50,000 events will run over the next few days and the series will culminate with a $100,000 Championship event.

Across five Poker Masters events, millions of dollars will be up for grabs but in the end, only one player will walk away with the Poker Masters Purple Jacket™. 

The Poker Masters Purple Jacket™ is redefining style and poker trophies alike thanks to designer Waraire Boswell. The fashion icon, who has worked with some of the world’s top athletes and Hollywood celebrities, also hopes to set a new standard with the one-of-a-kind jacket. 

“When people think of the best things that winners in sporting events receive, it would be great for them to mention this jacket.” Boswell said earlier this summer. “There is no better story than that.”

The Poker Masters story begins September 13 from ARIA Resort & Casino and continues through September 20. The entire series will be streamed exclusively on PokerGO and more information about the series can be found on PokerMasters.com.