Through the first half of the Poker Masters series, four players have won battles, but the outcome of the war is still to be decided. That is because the Poker Masters Purple Jacket doesn’t go to the player that started the fastest or was the most successful through the first few events of the series. The Poker Masters Purple Jacket goes to the winningest player throughout the series, meaning that the war won’t be over until the $100,000 Championship concludes later today.

When the $100,000 Championship began on Monday, plenty of players were still in contention for the Poker Masters Purple Jacket. A handful of players had recorded multiple cashes through the four $50,000 preliminary events, meaning that some players had even put themselves in positions to be able to win the jacket, without winning the final event.

Fast forward two days and most of those potential positions are no longer in play. The player in the best position at the start of the week is still alive though, meaning that Steffen Sontheimer still controls his own fate in the race for the Purple Jacket. The rest of the players at the $100,000 Championship final table don’t have that luxury, with Sontheimer’s result playing the biggest role in their quests for most stylish trophy in poker.

Starting from the bottom of the leader board and the bottom of the Poker Masters Championship Standings, while referencing the final table payouts, Seth Davies has the most work to do and needs the most to go right for him to claim the Purple Jacket. The former WPT winner needs to win and have Steffen Sontheimer not finish better than 5th.

Both Christian Christner and Justin Bonomo need to win and have Sontheimer not finish better than 4th to don the Purple Jacket. Stefan Schillhabel and Fedor Holz claim the Purple Jacket with victories of their own, but only if Sontheimer doesn’t finish higher than 3rd.

Steffen Sontheimer is in the driver’s seat. He wins the Purple Jacket with a 1st or 2nd place result, regardless of where the rest of his competitors finish around him. If Sontheimer finishes 3rd, he wins the jacket if Holz and Schillhabel stay out of the winner’s circle. If Sontheimer finishes 4th, the only way he still wins the Purple Jacket is if Seth Davies takes 1st. If Sontheimer finishes 5th or 6th, it is anyone’s game.

Watch the race for the Poker Masters Purple Jacket cross the finish line only on PokerGO. The entire six-handed final table will be live streamed, starting at 5:30 PM ET, and stay tuned to Poker Central and PokerGO for Poker Masters Championship Standings updates throughout the rest of the day.