Knowing how to play poker is one thing but knowing where to play poker is something else. When it comes to the best local game right across the United States, you need help. This is where Poker Atlas comes in. By downloading the Poker Atlas app, you can check in on exactly which Poker Atlas poker rooms are offering the latest cash games and live events.


We all love having that friend in our smartphone who always knows where the best poker game in town is. Now you can carry that friend everywhere you go and never need to wait for that callback or WhatsApp message to come through.

PokerAtlas scours the land of the free and provides you with your number one destination for the latest tournament series, live poker events, cash games. These include but aren’t limited to such popular events as the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour and the Heartland Poker Tour.


PokerAtlas isn’t limited to supplying you with games that are happening and where they’re taking place. You can find out information about the buy-in, start time, late registration, pay-outs, structures and lots more as the information you have at your fingertips prepares you for what to expect in the game that you’ll play long before you arrive at the table with chips in your hand.

Supplying you with up-to-the-minute information on tournaments taking place in such locations as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle and locations across America, you can also search by poker room too. From the Commerce to Foxwoods, from finding out if there’s a seat left at ‘The Bike’ to knowing if Parx Casino has free parking, PokerAtlas is your friend in the know in your pocket.


With the exclusive-to-PokerAtlas community forum TableTalk, players can connect when they’re away from the felt, with popular subjects being strategy, new games, live event issues and poker etiquette in certain locations.

With member reviews comprising another important component of PokerAtlas, you can rely on players just like you who have been to the poker room you want to visit.


With the PokerAtlas TableCaptain™ app, poker rooms themselves can manage their poker rooms, broadcasting their games, advertising their live tournaments or highlighting however many players are on each waiting list. With the tournament clock information able to be shared too, you never need to field those awkward player questions about how much time they have to make that all-in move before the blinds go up! PokerAtlas is all about giving poker rooms the best access to their players and providing players with the best access to the games they want to play.

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