Poker After Dark is back, with high stakes action streaming on PokerGO over the next two days. The “Moon Magic” lineups will include some of the biggest names and personalities in poker, including Antonio Esfandiari, Danielle Andersen, Lauren Roberts, Justin Young, and more, with each night featuring $25/$50/$100 No Limit Hold’em cash games. 

To celebrate the return of Poker After Dark and mainly because we are always looking for an excuse for a cocktail or two, play along with Poker After Dark: The Drinking Game when the action goes live on PokerGO at 6 PM ET.

Drink 1 Time When…

  • Antonio Esfandiari is referred to as “The Magician.”
  • There is any mention of Poker After Dark “debuts.”
  • Ali Nejad shouts out his own Twitter handle.
  • Lauren Roberts’ twitter handle is mentioned.
  • Anyone gets dealt pocket kings or aces.
  • “Jacky” Wang makes a pair.


Drink 2 Times When…

  • Barry Woods limps into the pot.
  • “Brent Hanks” is mentioned in any way.
  • Danielle Andersen puts in a three-bet.
  • Drea Renee gives a report from the sideline.
  • Justin Young orders a cocktail.
  • Ali Nejad says, “Oh boy.”


Chug Your Drink When…

  • Any play has to reload.
  • Antonio Esfandiari doubles up.
  • WPT Five Diamond is mentioned.
  • There is a double straddle.
  • Lauren Roberts or Danielle Andersen make the nuts.


Watch the world’s best players and biggest personalities on Poker After Darkexclusively on PokerGO, and play along by following Poker Central on Twitter when tonight’s episode goes live at 6 PM PT.

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