Season 3 of Poker After Dark featured a “Gus and the Ladies” released exclusively on PokerGO where Gus Hansen was fresh off of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in 2004 and faced a lineup of five accomplished female pros – Vanessa Rousso, Erica Schoenberg, Beth Shak, Clonie Gowen and JJ Liu.

During introductions, it was revealed that Rousso was economics major from Duke, Gowen had two PAD wins already and Schoenberg was a former professional blackjack player.

Though all five female players were either married or dating at the time, some of the players had some opinions on Hansen.

Gowen – “He is an extremely charming guy. He has that “IT” factor and he uses it. I mean, he does…yes.”

Rousso – “Putting Gus into the mix with five women it’s surely a recipe for some interesting conversation at least.”

Hansen shrugged and said, “I always love to be heads up with a beautiful lady and there’s five of them out there, so I’m up for anything.”

A key hand came up when Gowen opened, Schoenberg called and Gowen said, “Alright Erica, I’m beginning to think I’m your fish.”

Clonie Gowen was comfortable at the table with two previous PAD titles.
“I’m just comfortable with you,” she replied.

“Oh that’s nice,” Gowen said sarcastically.

“As a friend,” Schoeberg added.

“I’m comfortable with you too,” Hansen chimed in.

“I wish y’all weren’t so comfortable with me,” Gowen said.

Rousso joined the pot from the big blind, the flop gave Gowen two pair and Rousso a Broadway draw. The turn gave Rousso second pair, missing the straight and she check-raised Gowen with an inferior hand for about a third of her stack.

“Damnit,” Gowen said and after a minute she moved all in. Roussu and Hansen got a kick out of her expletive-shove move. 

Rousso tried chatting her up, Gowen remained silent and Rousso eventually mucked and took a huge hit to her stack. “Good bet – you’re either crazy or good.”

“No one’s ever accused me of that,” Hansed said.

JJ Liu’s fashion doesn’t surprise anyone, until she popped on a pair of “Raymer Glasses.”

Season 3 of PAD continues exclusively on PokerGO. Also, freshly released is the Chris Moneymaker Pokerography.