If Las Vegas has one thing it is options. Dozens of hotels, countless attractions, even more restaurants and don’t forget the infinite gambling options. Video poker while filling up your gas tank is my personal favorite, but while there are betting options at nearly every turn, all sportsbooks are not created equally.

Both on and off the strip, there are comfortable, action packed, luxurious rooms dedicated to sports betting but there is one that separates itself from the rest. Lagasse’s Stadium at the Palazzo, named after chef, sports enthusiast and tailgating-pro Emeril Lagasse, is a new breed of sports bar.

The “luxurious sports den” offers an ultimate, stadium-style viewing experience for some of the biggest sporting events in the world, including this weekend’s opening rounds of March Madness. With over 100 hi-def screens, no matter how many games are running at once, you won’t miss any of the action.

The menu, specifically designed by Lagasse and his team, is described as “kicked up game-day fare” and gives Stadium attendees a whole new experience on tailgating. From the aptly named “sideline favorites” appetizers, to “starting lineups” like the Stadium Burger and Lobster Grilled Cheese, the best thing on the menu, to pizza, chicken wings and nachos, there is something for every fan.

There is also a spacious back patio area, for when you need to catch your breath during commercial breaks or in-between games, and luxury boxes, for a private or a more secluded viewing experience.

As arguably the best place to be in the center of action, the only downside to Lagasse Stadium is that it fills up quick and reservations are a must for some of the bigger days on the sports calendar. More information about Las Vegas’ ultimate sports bar and book, as well as booking information, can be found here