The Season 3 of Poker After Dark’s match up of Cowboys delivered big action, bigger needles and swings that eliminated the most natural Cowboys early while the cerebral Cowboys played short-handed and Gabe Kaplan picked up his second PAD title. All of the action is available exclusively on PokerGO as Season 3 unfolds.

Hoyt Corkins – the closest to an actual cowboy – was the first player eliminated in the match. The Alabama native felt short-stacked in the small blind and moved in with queen ten off-suit. Bloch called with an ace after opening, the flop came with two aces and Corkins was free to return to the farm.

Hoyt Corkins lives on a working farm in Alabama.
Brunson was lively early but unfortunately the cards and his intentions didn’t result well in the universe as he was the second player eliminated. He told some colorful stories and opened in the cutoff and Bloch shoved from the big blind with ace king.

Brunson said, “What the heck, it’s a good time as any.” Then saw the hands and said, “That is not good news. This is order we’re supposed to go out right? Hoyt and then me?”

Bobby’s Room fixture and chest-rubbing legend Chau Giang was next to bust after getting short and called all in with an ace in the big blind when Ferguson shoved from the small. A king hit the flop and the High Stakes Cowboy was busted.

Chau Giang loves poker, no matter the setting and enjoyed Poker After Dark.
Ferguson, Bloch and Kaplan played three-handed with Bloch holding half the chips in play. Ferguson took a shot with queen seven, Bloch had a suited king that paired on the flop and Ferguson’s day was done.

Kaplan doubled up on the first hand of heads-up play with a preflop showdown. Kaplan’s king four out-kicked Bloch’s king deuce and he was only down 2-1 in chips. Kaplan shoved preflop with Ac 5h a couple hands later, Bloch called with Kd Th and ace on the flop gave the Kaplan the lead.

The final hand Bloch was ahead with ace king and Kaplan held Ac 9d. The board paired Kaplan on the turn, Bloch was beat and Kaplan apologized for winning the way he did.

“I was happy to win,” Kaplan said. “But I wish I had the ace king and he had the ace nine. But it was competitive – I don’t think I’m as good a poker player as he was… I had to lucky and snag a nine.”

Kaplan enjoyed the win but would rather not have gotten lucky in the last hand.
Most of the Season 3 matchups are available on demand exclusively on PokerGO and new blocks of episodes continue to be released. Season 1 and 2 are available in their entirety with Ali Nejad providing commentary.