The Classic Poker After Dark hand comes on the heels of Mike Matusow’s recent appearance on Tuesday’s “Voices Carry” on PokerGO where at three-handed play he was in position to win, but back-to-back hands knocked him out in third. During Season 3 of “Jam Up” Matusow made a mistake against Eli Elezra that tilted him enough that Matutsow wouldn’t recover.

The Action

Matusow limped with pocket nines, Elezra raised to $1,100 and Matusow called. On the flop Elezra led out for $1,000 – in cash – and Matusow raised to $2,500. Elezra called a second time using his cash bundles on the table.

What’s important to note is that for the “Jam Up” table, any player that busted in the first orbit was allowed to re-buy – something never done before on the show. Elezra busted early, re-bought and had more cash than chips in his stack compared to rest of the table. He also had a $10,000 bundle, which also not been used before.

The turn paired deuces on the board, Matusow bet $2,500 and Elezra tossed out his $10,000 brick. Matusow insta-mucked and flicked his cards back to the dealer, believing Elezra raised. 

“What was that?” Lederer asked. “Nice play Mike. He tossed in an over-sized call.”

Matusow sat for a moment, then defended himself against his five opponents. 

Be sure to watch all of the “Jam Up” episodes of Poker After Dark to see if and how Matusow recovered from his mistake, available only on PokerGO.