Strap in for the debut of Pot Limit Omaha on Poker After Dark. The four-card game bursts onto the scene in amazing fashion with a $100,000 cash game with $300/$600 blinds. The lineup is the toughest one that could be assembled and leading the way is Phil Ivey.

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The greatest poker player of all-time exhibits a PLO clinic while competing against the online poker world’s best. Ivey is joined by those who only need the last name for an introduction.

Dwan. Antonius. Galfond. Adams. Hastings. Watch as Ivey takes all five of those players and crushes them into dust. Ivey at the peak of his powers is a marvelous sight to behold and this episode shows those skills off.

Dwan and Galfond both appeared on Poker After Dark’s “PLOMG” week and proved to the world how strong their four-card skills are. Brandon Adams also appeared in that game and his chops managed to hold to form in the years in between PLO episodes on Poker After Dark.

Part I of the PLO $100,000 game is melancholy as it marks the final game of Patrik Antonius’ Poker After Dark career. The high-flying Fin is yet to make his return to the show it rebooted in 2017. The fans are keeping their eyes peeled for his next appearance, should it ever come.

The main storyline, as always is Ivey, who wins hundreds of thousands in the game without ever breaking a sweat. The ability to make the incredible look routine is what sets Ivey apart from all of his peers.

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