Phil Ivey’s public poker appearances are fewer and farther between over the last couple of years as the intensely private pro relocated to Macau for all intents and purposes. Ivey played in the Manila Triton Super High Roller Series in February but most recently appeared in Paul Phua Poker video.

Ivey sat for a sub-four-minute interview with Phua discussing his game. Ivey said in the video, “When you’ve played so much and you’ve played for so many years, it’s really difficult to get a huge thrill.”

“But the actual thrill of like, ‘Wow, I’m betting a lot of money on it,’ that’s not really there for me. I don’t really feel that,” Ivey continued. “I haven’t felt that for quite some time actually.”

Ivey’s last tournament cash came 16 months ago and he hasn’t played the Word Series of Poker since 2014. He’s rumored to be playing only nosebleed cash games and doesn’t have the motivation to grind the WSOP anymore without bracelet bets.

Phua produced videos with other American players Tom Dwan, Dan Cates and Dan Colman and some featuring Asain players like Wai Kin Yong and Rui Cao.